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tax credits

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sheard Mon 01-Feb-16 20:53:41

I earn 6000 per year hubby 13000 per year one child no childcare costs been getting full award of wtc and ctc due to low earnings last year wasnt aware i had to report my earnings untill review time we get 85 wtc and 64 wtc per week atm scared we will lose it does anyone know how much i xan get no childcare costs tried calculator online find it confuseing and worried as we live off this money please help xx tia xxx

AveEldon Mon 01-Feb-16 21:00:40

Are you earning more than last year?

Here are the tables - which give an overview

Babyroobs Mon 01-Feb-16 21:08:22

You will lose wtc as the cut off is around £17k, you will still get some ctc. The cut off for one child and no childcare costs is around £26k.

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