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tax credits

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sheard Mon 01-Feb-16 20:47:52

Can anyone please help i earn 6 thousand per year husband earns 13000 per year we didnt work last year both was on jsa put in for tax credit on just husbands earnings of 13000 got full working tax and child tax eith one child no childcate didnt realise i had to declaire i been working afew months well six and now yhey want to review tax credits scared we will lose working tax of 85 per week child tax 64 per week we live off it can anyone tell me how much i should get on conbined ingome of 19000 tried to get help mo joy!!😕

tshirtsuntan Mon 01-Feb-16 20:56:03

Go on the turn2us website and put in all your figures, it will calculate all benefits for you, I found it very helpful.

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