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£25k+ of debt and now on Income Support. Help?!

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clashofclanswidow Sun 31-Jan-16 20:14:25

Recently ended a relationship with ex - we took out a lot of debt, stupidly I am aware, but now I need advice/help how to fix my mess.

I was emotionally and mentally abused, the debt was mostly for his sakes but it is in my name so it's my problem now.

I am pregnant with his baby. We also have a two year old. Due to the situation, I am having to claim Income Support until I have had baby, then I will have to way up the costs of going back to work asap to resolve this somehow. He is refusing to help although I do get monthly child maintenance.

I don't want to sound drastic but the other day I caught myself looking up whether your debts die if you do, so I know it is now making me poorly.

Can anyone offer some helpful advice please? I am not sure whether to make myself bankrupt and what the implications are? TIA xx

Happydappy99 Sun 31-Jan-16 20:17:43

I would see if there is a CAP centre near you, they are great at helping sort out debts and advising on the best course of action. If not then Step Change are really good too.

pitcue Sun 31-Jan-16 23:45:35

Recommend Step Change as well. Also the MSE debt and bankruptcy boards are excellent, they will help you look at your outgoings and prepare a statement of affairs.

I went bankrupt when I was on benefits. The consequences are not too harsh if you are not working, as they can't take any of your benefits to repay anything, and your debt is fully cleared in a year. It does cost money though - £525 which you have to pay even on benefits (but a CAB might help you get funding for it), then there is a court cost of £180 but that will be covered if on benefits. If the debt can be brought down below £20k you could get a debt relief order rather than a bankruptcy, which only costs £90.

TalkinPeace Mon 01-Feb-16 20:39:40

Avoid bankruptcy if you can.
And your other idea I'll gloss right past.

All debts can be managed, it just takes a clear head.

Write down exactly what you owe
- lender name, amount, interest rate, reason
then change all direct debits into standing orders (see the spreadsheets thread to understand why)

If you are not managing minimum payments, look into an IVA - its a better option than bankruptcy.

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