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overseas inheritance

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anthrax666 Mon 25-Jan-16 15:57:56

hi im not sure if in correct forum, but here goes

my brother and i have been left a signaifact inheritance, though

my bros is 14000, and mine is nearer 40000, obviously this means ill loose all benifits , he wont, my parents and my nan on her death bed wanted us to poole the money and split equally, which is fair enough.....but how is this fair when i will still bearounf treated as having the full 40000, even the id only have 25000, and my bro will be treated as having 14000 tho head have around there anything i can do.........beacuse what happens in future, if i need to claim or what not they say well its deprivation of assets or what not....dont know what i can do

the inheritance is from the carribean....does thismake a difference, does the country it come fromhave to report it to uk anyway...........

all my parents want is to have it shared equal, as do i.....but im thinkiign of future and how ill be treated by well have the same ammoiunt
if split equal....but ill be having use it for everything....where as he wont.

it seems unfair and like this his would last lot longer than mine,

thank you

i dont want or mean to come acrross selfish, i just want to know how things work and what if anthing i can do...........

just seems although i was left more.....doing this way and just handing him over lump sum tomkae the one coming of worse, due to it being treated as deprivation of asstes or what not,
hope understand and i have explained right

thank you

look forward to any all replies

is there anything can do to by law to mkae this fair?

LIZS Mon 25-Jan-16 16:08:17

Why do you feel forced to split it evenly, is there anything in writing ? If the money is transferred directly you would officially only receive half. Still too much for benefits though. There may be local duties to pay before it is transferred and your bank may query the sudden income under money laundering rules.

imsorryiasked Mon 25-Jan-16 16:52:51

In the uk you would get a deed of variation which I believe would then have the effect of distributing the money equally from the estate. And therefore you would not be giving money away.

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