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A letter from HMRC or concentrix part 8

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Morgani97 Sat 23-Jan-16 11:58:43

Have you received a letter from HMRC or Concentrix? This is part 8 now. Have you had the dreaded letter demandeing evidence you live alone? Hopefully we can support each other and try and make sense of it all.

Saphwoodman Sat 23-Jan-16 13:40:01

I got one for tax credits saying they had reason to believe I was living as a couple. I was living with parents at the time (who are married) and my sister and her husband was living here too as they just moved down from Wales and needed to save for a deposit, along with my son. I think they must have found out my sisters husband was living here from him registering on the electrol roll or something. Anyway I wrote them a letter and explained the situation and who lived here and my relationship with them, offered to send them marriage certificates etc. They just sent me one back saying the case is closed.

Morgani97 Sat 23-Jan-16 19:12:26

That's good news for you,honestly these people never cease to amaze me wth their accusations.

Thelonewolf Sun 24-Jan-16 09:43:33

I sent off a new claim beginning of January. Seperated from husband in December, everything is still in joint names we are in the middle of seperating finances, putting bills in my name etc and I had the infamous compliance letter asking for a long list of documents to be sent in by the 19th Feb to decide whether or not I should get tax credits. They want all bank statements, childcare invoices, letters /bills relating to my childrens health, letters from child benefit all from a period of 3 months before we separated. I was on maternity leave then didn't have a childcare bill until I went back to work this month.
I am in a catch 22 position. I need to be financially independant from my ex but won't be without tax credits.

Morgani97 Sun 24-Jan-16 20:04:38

The best thing to do Thelonewolf is to send everything that they've asked for and perhaps a covering letter explaining the situation,good luck x

Thelonewolf Sun 24-Jan-16 20:40:52

I'll call the number on the letter and find out exactly what they need. I'm supposed to "fill in an attached list of household income and expenditure" which didn't come with the letter. I have a feeling it's because I only sent off the child benefit form for child #2 the same time as the tax credit form so. And my letter is from B&C compliance operations not HMRC!

Morgani97 Sun 24-Jan-16 21:17:46

Yes call them and see what they say,but as long as you're not living together and you can prove that along with having everything in your name it should be ok.

Thelonewolf Sun 24-Jan-16 21:52:19

That's the problem, nothing is in my sole name as the 3 month period they have asked is before we separated, which we have yet to do legally, solicitors need to be paid etc and I can't don't have the money I'm on a low income. I've only just put water bill in my name, as with elec and gas in past week.
We have yet to close joint account as we are trying to sort out house / life insurance, I can't find any docs relating to them ex always sorted then out and he is not very organised, mortgage is in his name as I had a cat in hells chance of getting one when we remortgaged. He only transferred his bank account / credit card / mobile bill over to his mums (as he is moving there) last week.

Morgani97 Sun 24-Jan-16 22:22:35

Give them a call and explain the situation,do you have proof that he lives at a different address to you? If so send that to them,also your water bill and anything else you have in your name regardless of the dates they're asking for,they know that legal separations/divorce takes time. I know it seems like a right hard slog but will be worth it in the end x

Thelonewolf Mon 25-Jan-16 09:45:20

Funny thing is I called them last week for an update, was told everything was fine, person I spoke to said that they would backdate 31days for me then I had the compliance checks letter on Saturday.

Morgani97 Mon 25-Jan-16 14:27:37

If I were you I'd call them back again if you haven't already,am I right in thinking you've had letters from concentrix and the compliance team x

Thelonewolf Mon 25-Jan-16 14:37:58

No just HMRC compliance team, this is the first time Ive put a claim in. Called my "case worker" who wasn't interested in speaking to me just said to put in a covering letter along with all the docs. I was hoping to get it sorted over the phone.

Morgani97 Wed 27-Jan-16 11:43:07

I'd just put the covering letter in and explain the circumstances also when you send it try and send recorded delivery,that way you can track it and also get a signiture when it's received x

megsmaw06 Wed 27-Jan-16 23:37:25

Hello everyone. I got the letter back in december (they had put it in the christmas post on the 14th and I got it on the 23rd!). They said my partner is living with me. He lives with his mum and pays none of my bills and is not on my tenancy agreement. His name is only on the phone bill because it was set up years ago when I had very bad anxiety and panic attacks triggered by using the phone (in the days when you had to phone up the company to get them out to install your phone).
I pay the phone bill myself.

So, I sent my info in at the start of the month and yesterday I got a call back from concentrix. I was told by the concentrix agent to phone Tax credits on friday to get a joint claim form. Surely that's not right? How would that work with my housing benefit? He doesn't live here, pay rent or bills or have his name on the tenancy agreement.

I am really confused and in a flap. It's the last thing I need to worry about after recently been diagnosed with pelvic radiation disease as a result of my cancer treatment in 2014. sad

ddigital Thu 28-Jan-16 14:14:46

Hey Everyone, let the great fishing expedition begin again, had a letter with a form this morning from HMRC in Preston saying they tried to call me (nope!) asking for details of my Self Employment from October till Now. (Concentrix last year wanted the entire tax year from April 2014 to 2015 back at the end of May and I think it was September by the time it was all sorted out and I was given the all clear)

I've now got to compile my accounts for the last tax year to present to work out my income and estimated final income for April 2016 as well as my bank account statements yet again.

If you get a letter they give you a month to get information they ask for back to them or you will be fined up to £300.

McPie Fri 29-Jan-16 19:11:05

We got a letter on Tuesday and they wanted Dh's payslips showing his hours worked and rate of pay and his contract. I had to phone them as it had that they wanted the information "from 6th of April 2015 to". I was annoyed that their letter omitted a crucial piece of information but the woman I spoke to was nice, it was 8am when I phoned so was probably the 1st person she had to deal with that day.
I spent the day hunting for payslips and as he gets paid weekly there was quite a few of them, I couldn't find them all (missing 7) but sent bank statements to cover missing ones. I posted it on Wednesday and it cost me £7.25!!!
We have nothing to hide and I will be beyond annoyed if anything comes from this as when Dh started this job after 13 months unemployed I phoned the day he got the job to find out what we needed to do and was advised to phone the day he started work with his hours, rate of pay and companies head office address which I did.
I was told that we could be selected for up to 4 compliance checks each year so I bloody well hope they don't lose anything and I hope that the person who has to go through his payslips has fun as they fall apart if you so much as touch them grin

Morgani97 Fri 29-Jan-16 19:13:18

megs you don't have to make a joint claim because you're not part of a couple,did they ask you for tenancy agreement,bills etc in your name? If not then get them all together and send them off. How can they tell you to make a joint claim when you're single is just plain stupid x

Morgani97 Fri 29-Jan-16 19:14:52

N pie did you send everything recorded delivery x

Morgani97 Fri 29-Jan-16 19:15:16

Mcpie I mean x

Morgani97 Fri 29-Jan-16 19:16:52

Lonewolf how did you get on with your call x

McPie Fri 29-Jan-16 19:46:27

Yup, just checked Royal Mail and it was signed for yesterday morning at 7.08.
When I was on the phone on Tuesday I had sweat running down my arms and normally it takes 27kg squat weight in Body Pump for that to happen!
I don't do stressful situations well so I am quite proud that I got everything together quickly without resorting to downing bags of Haribo's grin.

megsmaw06 Fri 29-Jan-16 20:28:28

Yes, they asked for all my utility bills, bank statements and tenancy agreement, everything is in my name only, except the phone as I explained above. I spent a small fortune buying a new ink cartridge so I could print them off as all of my stuff is online only, plus I sent it in recorded (more money I can't really spare!).

I had a good google and everything seems to back up what I already knew and what you said Morgani - No joint claim if we don't live together. I don't know if I should still call HMRC, I didn't have time today and my tax credits went in as normal on thursday.

BlueJug Sat 30-Jan-16 00:27:53

I had one. Arrived with the Christmas post and as I'd had a "don't worry, just checking" call I put it aside. Was horrified when I opened it and saw what they wanted. And that the deadline was the next day. I phoned and they gave me an extension because of Christmas post - thank goodness.

It took two solid days work late into the night. It cost a pack of paper and a cartridge and over £10 to send. Copies of e-mails going back years, copies of sales pitches, client contracts invoices, bank statements, samples of work....

I phoned to see when I could expect to hear and thy said a month. So it is wait and see. Horrible.


Morgani97 Sat 30-Jan-16 22:37:09

Just a thought but there's a site called tax credit casualties it's got loads of info on there re single and joint claims. The upshot is if you're single and being accused of having another adult living with you the best bet is to send it everything they ask for ie utility bills,rent agreement etc then play the waiting game. I can't stress enough how important it is to send everything recorded delivery that way you have a record and you can also track what you've sent. Also if you ring then get the name if the person you're talking to good luck everyone x

megsmaw06 Sat 30-Jan-16 22:59:49

I've decided to not phone HMRC and instead plan to wait on them sending out a letter with their decision. Concentrix don't have the power to close my claim, so the HMRC can contact me themselves if they think my claim is wrong. I know I'm in the right and have bucket loads of evidence behind me.

Morgani97 Sat 30-Jan-16 23:12:18

megs you've got the right idea,ringing them and being told no update is infuriating,not knowing what's going on is horrible,I've been through it so I know,I was like you are now,I rang them twice but it upset me so much I just waited,they stopped my money for nearly 16 weeks,so I wrote to them every sodding week instead the waiting was unbearable but I got through it in the end.

Freeandsinglewater Tue 02-Feb-16 10:20:24

Ahhh!!!!!!!! angry

My childcare costs have changed this month, and I've phoned HMRc who said they can't do anything, because concentrix has my case regarding childcare.

Does anyone have thier number?

themumfairy Tue 02-Feb-16 11:19:29

Hello all.
I had the letter in December with a deadline of 9th Jan. I sent it 4th Jan recorded delivery so they should of received it before deadline day. I sent all evidence that all bills were paid by me. Only thing was tenancy is still in a joint name as ex wouldn't take his name off.
How long roughly did everyone wait to hear from them? It's been nearly 4 weeks and I haven't heard a thing.

Freeandsinglewater Tue 02-Feb-16 12:56:37

Ah..... angry.
I have to wait four weeks, to change my childcare costs. They say tell them as soon as, but they won't change my payments.

For the love of God........angry

LonerDave Tue 02-Feb-16 13:01:57

Just had one. Have to prove my childcare fees, ie provide invoices for the last tax year otherwise .... I get zero from 13 Feb.

I am a lone parent working 30 hrs a week. I get no other help (nc with DS father), no other financial help.

So am fucked if they stop sad actually wouldn't make it worthwhile me working.

Are most outcomes positive? This is the first time I have had to do this.


Morgani97 Tue 02-Feb-16 13:31:54

Mumfairy it usually tales between 4 and 6 weeks to hear anything,LonerDave if you've sent everything they've asked for you should be ok please let us know how you go on x

LonerDave Tue 02-Feb-16 13:33:13

Thank you

themumfairy Tue 02-Feb-16 14:57:14

Thankyou Morgan. I sent them everything they asked for so I'm guessing if they needed anything else they'd of rang or wrote by now. Reading these threads I'm hoping they haven't lost anything as they have literally everything. In the wrong hands they'd have all they needed. Another 2 weeks of waiting then, it ruined christmas for me and ds1&2 birthdays aren't far off so really can't afford to be losing money.
I swear they only target working people.

LonerDave Tue 02-Feb-16 15:29:09

Defo only target working people! It's a joke .... I'm sometimes wonder really how this whole system works - a lottery!!!

Freeandsinglewater Tue 02-Feb-16 17:10:55

Can't believe this!!!!!
Phoned HMRC about change of childcare, but they can't do anything while concentrix have my file. Phoned concentrix and they won't change my payments until I've been assessed.

So I HAVE to be over paid this month!

Someone find me a wine

I really do not have the time, nor cope with the extra stress!

Morgani97 Wed 03-Feb-16 22:31:11

Definitely target working people,I went through a stage of seriously thinking I would be better off not working. But why the hell should I leave a job I enjoy!! Freeandsingle don't give up on this ring them again and ask to speak to a supervisor or ask to be allocated a caseworker x

megsmaw06 Thu 04-Feb-16 14:19:04

Well I got a letter back this morning from Concentrix. They say I was living as husband and wife for the tax period 2015 and that my tax credits will stop on 6/04/15. They say "evidence tells us you're in a relationship".

Why should someone who doesn't live with me or pay my bills be on a joint claim with me?
I'm a recovering cancer patient who works a shitty underpaid cleaning job. I really don't need this extra worry. I feel stuck. What do I do now? sad

Babyhami Thu 04-Feb-16 14:24:32

McPie have you heard anything we are in the same situation and to have just had to find 42 wage slips

themumfairy Thu 04-Feb-16 14:39:06

Big hugs Megs.
What evidence do they say they have?
I'm so worried about this all, how long did it take for them to write back to you? I've been waiting 4 weeks but others that had a later deadline than me have heard already.

megsmaw06 Thu 04-Feb-16 15:01:56

Fairy - I had to send everything in by the 13th Jan. I got a phone call from them about 2 weeks later, now the letter today. The letter doesn't say what evidence they have. My partner has his name on the phone bill as I can't deal with using the phone - it triggers my panic attacks but post isn't evidence of anything. I think I'll contact my local CAB office to see if they have any advice.

Morgani97 Fri 05-Feb-16 07:51:42

Big hugs megs,try and get hold of your local mp,they have a hotline to tax credits,mine helped me loads,pm me if you need to x

themumfairy Fri 05-Feb-16 12:24:49

I had a signed for letter off them today. All my letters that I had sent them, bank statements everything. Covering letter says they will be writing to me shortly about my tax credit claim.
Any idea on the outcome? Or how long they'll take? I just want this sorting out.

Definitely get in touch with CAB. I really hope they can help you, I can't believe they actually get away with this. Keep us updated flowers

Morgani97 Fri 05-Feb-16 12:59:57

themumfairy if you've not heard anything after a week give them a call,they're so unfair writing these letters without telling the outcome it's stressful enough bloody waiting x x

themumfairy Fri 05-Feb-16 13:44:56

I will do. Will they have already of made a decision or would they still be making it?
I'm going to be worried sick now. I did get paid today though

Bookeatingboy Fri 05-Feb-16 15:49:15

Hi all... Just had a letter from Concentrix land on the mat this morning.

I'd never heard of them before so did a search on MN.

The letter states that "We need to check some details about your tax credits. We need information from you about:

Your partner's earnings
Your partner's hours worked

and asked for loads of info to be sent before the deadline...

Clearly I was worried sick, my DH has always worked full time and I'm a carer for one of our sons. I know I've updated them where needed because DH has changed jobs in the last two years, but doesn't stop you having that pit of your stomach worry does it.

A couple of questions I have are...

When you provide details of employment to tax credits they receive information on your earnings from the employer so why can't they just contact my DH's employer and ask for this information themselves. They can easily provide the information they are asking for.

Secondly roughly how long do they normally take to conclude the checks.

themumfairy Fri 05-Feb-16 17:29:00

Hi book,
Sorry I won't be any use about earnings but they say 28 working days. It's been 4 weeks and I received my documents back today and now I'm waiting for their decision. Just sent them everything they ask for, don't give them a reason to stop money. They aren't human

Bookeatingboy Fri 05-Feb-16 18:09:31

Thanks themum 4 weeks seems like a lifetime to wait, I know we've done nothing wrong but doesn't stop you thinking that you have though does it.

DH is a pain with keeping his work paperwork too so looks like a busy weekend seeing what he does have and more importantly what he doesn't!

themumfairy Fri 05-Feb-16 18:33:26

That's how I feel, they've said they've got information that someone else is linked to me or my address. The only thing I can think of is my ex is still on my tenancy from 5 years ago. It's never bothered them in all that time until now.
I dread the postman coming now and it ruined christmas.
From other threads I've read they treat people so badly so I was so shocked that my paperwork came back to me at all.
What deadline have they gave you?

Bookeatingboy Fri 05-Feb-16 19:12:51

Letter arrived this morning (dated 27th Jan though) and deadline is 26/2. You would have thought they would send them first class mail, one week of my time to deal with it has gone since it took a week to get here!

I've read lots today and it would seem they are justifying their existence by checking as many claims as possible whether they have reason too or not. They have not said in the letter that they have information on us only that they need to ensure we are not being paid too much. We don't receive WTC only CTC.

The frustrating thing is they would only need to contact DH's employer themselves and they could quickly confirm his earning and hours for this year. But no that would be too easy and as I said they have to justify their existence.

megsmaw06 Fri 05-Feb-16 19:17:47

I got response back from CAB. They told me to phone the number on the letter to tell them I disagreed and why. Well, I phoned them just after work today and the guy on the other ended didn't ask me why I disagreed, just fobbed me off by telling me to request a mandatory reconsideration and that the info to do this was on the back of the letter I got. He also said they had a back log of stuff so my documents would be returned shortly.
Sent another email back to CAB to tell them this, so let's see what happens.

What a lovely start to my weekend off. sad

themumfairy Fri 05-Feb-16 19:31:31

Megs try not to worry and enjoy your weekend off. Harder said than done I know but there's nothing you can do until Monday now.
I've been paid from work but I'm scared to spend money I don't need to just incase they do stop my money. Usually the Friday after payday I'd treat the kids to a dominos but I've bought a supermarket pizza instead. Feels like I can't even enjoy the money I work for at the minute.

You'd think they would to make their jobs and your life easier. But that's too simple for them. Just send everything by recorded delivery.

megsmaw06 Fri 05-Feb-16 19:55:01

We usually treat ourselves too. I got paid last friday so I know all my big bills are paid, it's just getting through the weeks while they decide with the little bit I tried to save. I rely on tax credits for my groceries each week as the job I have now is very low paid. I clean for 20hrs a week for just over £6000 a year.

themumfairy Fri 05-Feb-16 20:21:37

Same, tax credits feeds me and my kids each week.
I've just been on Facebook and seen atleast 3 people who I know do not work writing status' about going out tonight. Why do we bother working hard on underpaid jobs to be accused of things. I do it to show my kids they have to work and if they want things they must work for it. Ironic when I am working for it but can't afford anything

Freeandsinglewater Fri 05-Feb-16 20:25:49

This system is awful!
Massive hugs to everyone.

LonerDave Fri 05-Feb-16 20:54:56

Agree with you Mumfairy

Morgani97 Fri 05-Feb-16 23:38:12

It's not good being made to feel like we've done something wrong for working,I see people who come into my work every day who I know aren't working,I hear them talk about their nights out n what they're going to buy to wear etc,I work and I can't afford luxuries. I was lucky I won my appeal but I still worry about it happening again.

megsmaw06 Sat 06-Feb-16 00:29:06

I can't say I've had the same experience. When I was unemployed I had to scrimp by while being intimidated by jobcentre staff. Family members have had to use food banks too. I'm guessing these people who appear to have the money to live it up are either doing something illegal or have massive amounts of credit and debt.

Kahoonas Mon 08-Feb-16 11:30:11

Hi all... I'm still waiting on my decision. Got letter 16th Dec saying another person linked to my address! Found out it was my neighbour and my landlady. Neighbour lives seperate house same number I'm (a) and my landlady lives in the same house as me as I rent 2 rooms off her for myself and my son a excluded occupiers. Sent off all I could to them, I don't pay bills as I don't have any apart from phones for me and son. Still waiting now... Keep phoning them to hear more lies. And got my MP involved but still waitin

Morgani97 Tue 09-Feb-16 15:55:40

Kahoones,have you heard back from them yet? What did your mp say? Honestly these bloody people haven't a clue what they're doing and are clearly clutching at straws again x

Kahoonas Tue 09-Feb-16 17:36:45

No not heard yet. MP is not happy and have chased it up again and escalated it to the HMRC for it to be sorted quicker! They are idiots to be honest so fed up with feeling stressed and talking to rude concentrix people every time I phone

MamaTeeTee Wed 10-Feb-16 01:17:59

I put in a claim for tax credits on 10th January after my husband died. They wrote to me this week asking for proof of childcare costs. My childcare provider has written up a detailed statement of how much I pay etc so I have it ready to post tomorrow. Does anyone have any idea how long it will take to process and will it be back dated to when I first sent the form off when DH died? I'm borrowing money off my sister to do the weekly shop this week!

MamaTeeTee Wed 10-Feb-16 09:36:09

Ive tried calling hmrc but was left on hold for 30 mins! 😭

LonerDave Wed 10-Feb-16 11:18:01

So sorry MamaTee .... thanks

I too am waiting to hear back after providing proof of childcare costs, I have no idea how long it takes

Complete nightmare & worry

Morgani97 Thu 11-Feb-16 15:03:05

Just to let you know that if any of you have facebook there's a group on there called concentrix mums please join if you can I'm on admin and so is another lady who has been on this thread x x

Hawaiiturtle101 Thu 11-Feb-16 19:28:12

I've already had a single person review got a letter because I'm self employed..thus time from HMRC pre warninge that they are conducting checks on self employed as well now. so I guess I'll be subject to that too. feels like a witch.hunt.

ddigital Thu 11-Feb-16 20:28:01

Yes your get another letter about month from the date of that one, I got mine 2 days before Christmas and then a letter demanding more info a couple of weeks back. All they are doing is creating another massive backlog and causing people who work for themselves loads of stress I worked out between Concentrix last May and HMRC I've lost about a weeks earnings spending time writing letters, filling in forms and printing documents and doing accounts.

JBEM4 Sun 14-Feb-16 10:47:45

Oh wow Hawaii! I'm self employed too and have only recently had my single person case closed .... Guessing I should sit tight and wait for my self employed/childcare investigations to start sad

Hawaiiturtle101 Sun 14-Feb-16 11:42:32

JE yep my was closed in November and off we go again. It feels like a hunt or a game to see who they can catch out. It was a pre warning letter but I'm sure I'll have the next one. so annoying. I'm back tracking now and reproducing invoices etc. They will.not win lol

JBEM4 Sun 14-Feb-16 12:53:34

It would seem like a bit of a witch hunt wouldn't it! More fool us for having children and having the nerve to work! 😳

Hawaiiturtle101 Sun 14-Feb-16 15:00:48

Yes and they don't like self employed s we don't fit the 'boxes'. what do you do? I'm a dog home boarder and dog walker//pet visiter.

JBEM4 Sun 14-Feb-16 15:43:47

I'm have a small salon - barely breaking even most weeks but making rent 😊

meatliqour Mon 15-Feb-16 12:34:29

Seems to be an influx of letters received today!

Hoping I am one of them

Morgani97 Mon 15-Feb-16 14:20:58

meatliqour I read that on concentrix mums,all good news too so fingers crossed for you and everyone else x

AmazingDisgrace Tue 16-Feb-16 13:01:41

Did anyone else get that letter last year saying that the repayment of overpayments would increase? After a Concentrix review I had an overpayment as I wasn't always working over 30hrs a week which I can't argue against, my own fault.
This week, with no warning other than that vaguely worded letter in November my TCs have been cut by another £26 a week. I phoned and they are sending my claim to be reviewed again to see if they can reduce the repayment. I have low expectations this will happen.

themumfairy Tue 16-Feb-16 15:21:32

Still no letter for me

MsFrazzles Wed 17-Feb-16 15:44:23

Aargh - I've received a letter saying 'We have information that there is another person linked to you or your address.'

My husband and I separated in June and he moved out. In August I made a claim as a single person with a baby. We are now in the process of mediation to agree a financial settlement. In the meantime he has still been paying into our joint account to cover the mortgage and bills.

Some of the bills are in my name only but some (inc the mortgage) are still in joint names. With a small baby and returning to work (not to mention the shock of finding out my husband of 8 years had an affair and was leaving me) changing this admin stuff over didn't seem like a priority.

Since receiving the letter I've changed the bills and mortgage to my name, and will be closing the joint account this week. I've asked ex to pay the money into my own account instead and I will pay out everything from there. The plan is that he will keep paying an agreed maintenance amount.

I believe that maintenance is not counted as income for TC purposes. Realistically, in the ongoing negotiations with the mediator, I cannot agree to him stopping/reducing the payments until I know my TC will be OK. It's a catch-22. I see lonewolf is in a similar situation.

How can Concentrix distinguish between a contribution to the household (abeit one he is no longer part of) and child/spousal maintenance? We have nothing drawn up on paper yet, but as I say, I can't agree to anything with ex until TCs are confirmed as safe.

Any advice?

ddigital Wed 17-Feb-16 16:38:20

Got my Documents and a letter back saying No Change, so some hope for the self employed here, just send them everything you have. It was not scanned or anything this time, They took my letter, the form they asked me to fill in and my 12 week diary and sent everything else back.

Morgani97 Fri 19-Feb-16 08:46:09

Plased you had a good outcome ddigital x

ElasticPants Fri 19-Feb-16 11:43:28

I sent off my documents early January, and received them back today with a note saying they will be contacting soon.

How long can I expect to wait for the outcome?

themumfairy Fri 19-Feb-16 12:25:37

Same as me elastic. I got the same letter and my documents on the 5th and I'm still waiting.

Morgani97 Fri 19-Feb-16 14:48:55

Usually takes a couple of weeks x

lenvimum Sun 21-Feb-16 22:29:25

I am in exact same position as you most of you at moment sent all documents they requested off all in my name but have recieved letter saying i should be claiming as a couple due to financial links with ex partner!!! Of course i have financial links he is the father to my 2 children and he puts maintenance in my bank account. He usually puts lump sum in end of month than puts money in when kids need it like 3 times a week for after school activities. This is why they are saying i should have claimed as a couple!!! I was under impresion there was no limit to child maintenance and it was a personal agreement between both parents?? So i than called them but was fobed off and told i need to write requesting MR was wondering if you had done yours yet as i dont know were to start?? I feel sick with worry that all payments are gonna stop an they wont believe me and il be in big trouble xx any advice i would be gretful xx

lenvimum Sun 21-Feb-16 22:30:30

why should i claim as couple when he lives at different property !!

Flowerpower41 Mon 22-Feb-16 06:58:20

I had a letter about overpayments repayment would increase back in October. Out of the blue last week I got £15 less paid into my weekly amount.

No letter with it however.

They had already reduced my amount by that back in summer. So I am now £120 a month worse off than a year ago.

I have also had the self-employed letter. It does not state they will investigate everybody I don't see how they can vet us all too much work for them surely??

meatliqour Mon 22-Feb-16 07:39:36

I genuinely think it's a lottery! They pick letters out of your surname ... I'm convinced

lenvimum Mon 22-Feb-16 12:33:32

Your not gonna believe this !! I called hmr to check whether any maintenance effects claim and wAs tol most def not!! I than called concentrix to explain what was told and they have overturned my descion in my favour!!! I am so happy but it just proves how incompetent they are at making these decision in first place even the man on phone said that it should never have been suspended !! X

themumfairy Mon 22-Feb-16 13:00:51

So happy for you grin

lenvimum Mon 22-Feb-16 13:18:23

Thank you themumfairy im so happy but actually angry that they getting away with so many wrong descions !! X hope others have more luck just goes to show it all depends on who does descion an who picks up phone!! Xx

themumfairy Mon 22-Feb-16 13:34:50

I'm still waiting for a decision from them. I'm worried everytime I see the postman. I've got 2 sons and 5 week old daughter so if they stop my tax credits I'm gonna struggle. Maternity pay isn't the best and I rely on my working tax for weekly shopping

lenvimum Mon 22-Feb-16 14:10:31

Oh i feel for you themumfairy you should be enjoying time with your new baby and other children ! Xx what the reason they gave to question your claim i hope you dont wait to long ! Xx

OliviaDunham Mon 22-Feb-16 14:24:50

Wish I'd been on here a few years ago. Me & DH were separated,
We have a joint mortgage and stupidly didn't change the joint bank account because it was where the direct debit came out of. I got a letter telling me that they didn't believe we were separated and I was to provide proof of DHs accommodation. Due to the nature of DHs job he didn't rent his own property just stayed with various family/friends while myself and the DCs remained in the house. HMRC would not accept written statements from the people he stayed with as they were not legal documents. I was left with several thousand pounds of repayments. DH & I have since got back together, and this massive overpayment is still hanging over us.

donzo78 Mon 22-Feb-16 18:49:56

I too received a letter from concentrix - 'someone linked to me or my address'. My husband and I separated end April 2015. Unfortunately I don't earn enough to be able to take on the mortgage and loan myself (according to the bank) so ex has agreed to remain named on both for now albeit I make the monthly payments. He was removed from the joint current account, council tax bill and voters roll for my address when he moved out and all the other bills are in my name. We verbally agreed a monthly maintenance amount which he pays into a savings account we had for our children but it's in joint names, I then transfer the money into my account. Arrrgghhh...Why I didn't close it down and just get him to pay into my current account does seem stupid now but I never thought this would happen. Anyway, they've had my docs for 2 weeks and I've been told there's a backlog....great as if it's not stressful enough, we've to wait even longer for them making a decision which could potentially have a catastrophic financial impact on my life. I've not done anything wrong but I'm so worried. Is anyone else in a similar situation to myself and had a response from concentrix?.

lenvimum Tue 23-Feb-16 21:57:33

Hey guys not sure if you see my post yesterday but they overturned decision yesterday 👏 i than called today to check on paperwork an was told that my decision was not overturned and they had no record or any notes of this (like i had completely made it up!!) i demanded to speak to a manager an told him to listen to my call as they are all recorded an he said he would ring me back! He as just called to say he listened to call an spoke to someone and it has been overturned but no notes were inputted regarding this?? What are they playing at over there!!! My payments have now stopped so was wondering how long i can expect to wait for them to start paying again ?? I will prob phone an check again tomoro to make sure it been overturned as seems to change daily 🙈😭😭

donzo78 Thu 25-Feb-16 14:49:11

For those of you still waiting on a response from Concentrix, I called them again today just to see if my paperwork had been logged on yet as wasn't on my last call to them (16th Feb). Sent recorded delivery and have confirmation from RM it was rec'd on 6th Feb!. Have been told expect to wait another 4 weeks for a reply!!.

Lenvimum - sheer incompetence, we're having to put all our faith into these people at the moment too. sad

themumfairy Thu 25-Feb-16 15:26:12

4 weeks shock my deadline was Jan 9th.

donzo78 Thu 25-Feb-16 18:37:26

Omg themumfairy...surely you should have had an answer by now, that's cruel, I'd be phoning again. She wouldn't take my case number which annoyed me a bit but she asked why they had written to me, when I said someone linked to me/address she said there shouldn't be many of those cases left to check then proceeded to say another 4 weeks wait. I told her their timescales were shocking...her reply was, I should have nothing to worry about if I've sent them everything they've asked for and have been compliant!!!! angry

themumfairy Wed 02-Mar-16 15:50:54

I got my letter back today, they don't need to make an ammendment to my claim. I could of told them that from the start. Thank God for that; I've been so worried.
Thankyou everyone who replied to me, you really did help me. Hope everyone else gets a reply soon with the same outcome x

Morgani97 Thu 03-Mar-16 07:47:10

Lovely news mumfairy bet you're relieved x

Flowerpower41 Thu 03-Mar-16 08:09:47

I had a letter confirming my current entitlement. Apparently my overpayment will be finished by 21st June of this year when it allegedly goes UP again.

I am not holding my breath however as ds starts secondary school in September so childcare will be a little less.

Does anyone know when the government stops paying for childcare as I have a childminder who is happy to take care of ds school holidays and half terms until he is 16 and he is content there as her son is a year older than him. Which is handy for me but I am not sure when the DWP will refuse to pay out??

Flowerpower41 Thu 03-Mar-16 08:12:25

Sorry ladies I have just checked online apparently it is the first Saturday after the child/children turn 15 that official childcare costs stop.

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