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How to raise money for a medical procedure abroad (cancer)

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toastyarmadillo Thu 21-Jan-16 06:51:32

Hi, can I start by saying this is NOT in any way a request for money or a begging type thread in any way, I want advice here!
I was diagnosed a few years ago with an inoperable brain tumour, so a death sentence if you like. Conventional uk treatments have had no effect and I feel my only option now is to have surgery at a specialist hospital in America (skull base institute)
The surgery is expected to cost around 20k pounds, which obviously I do not have. I am not working so can't get a loan for this amount, don't own my home so can't remortgage.
What ideas can people come up with as sensible fund raising ideas?

N3wYear2016 Sun 24-Jan-16 18:08:48

Sorry to hear that you are ill

You could try looking into crowd funding

You could contact some UK charities

You could contact some hospitals in USA & see if they will do procedures for free

You could set up your own charity to fund yourself & any profit towards helping others with similar problems

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