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Where do you go to get the best deals, bargains, discounts, sale etc?

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jessicai Thu 14-Jan-16 10:57:33

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that’s struggling to make a little bit of money go a long way specially as we’ve just got christmas over and done with.

I won’t be getting paid until the end of the month and have more than one mouth to feed! Although I’ve got money in the bank I’m strugling to stretch it until pay day.

Do you ladies have any tips, sites and stores you can share with me that’ll help save a bit of money wether its food, clothing, bills just anything that’ll help!

Thanks! smile

angemorange Thu 14-Jan-16 14:11:54

I try to meal plan for about 3-4 days in advance - I get a meat pack from the local butchers and some veg, pasta, rice from Asda or Tesco to plan dinners. Lunches tend to be leftovers in sandwiches or wraps with some fruit.

Pound shop is good for toiletries etc.

January is a nightmare month for us too, we just hunker down and accept it will be tough! That said, we had takeaway pizza last weekend - I had a half price voucher so not all bad!

We also got a Now TV Box before Xmas with a 2 month Sky Movies pass so we are watching films nightly until it expires lol. That's our social life grin

jessicai Fri 15-Jan-16 14:19:03

Thanks angemorange for the tips smile I've started preparing lunch or least make enough the night before so I can take it in for lunch the next day so hopefuly I won't have to keep spending money on lunch everyday as it all adds up!

I tend to pick up all my toiletries at the supermarket so will give the pound shop a go next time.

Had a browse online and came across a couple of sites, I didnt realise gumtree have a section where people r practically giving away furniture, clothes and even a car away for free!

Freecyle is another one, these websites seem good if you're after any big furniture etc.

For general everyday shopping I came across a deal website which lists offers on clothes, food, electricals etc so will be keeping an eye out

Hope my research helps anyone who is also finding it difficult this month!


hookiewookie29 Mon 18-Jan-16 19:52:11

Pound shops are good but there are a lot of things that are cheaper at the supermarket. A lot of toiletries, cleaning stuff and medicines such as paracetamol can be bought for less than a pound in asda and Tesco.Pound shops make you think that you're getting a bargain when sometimes you're not.

LoadsaBlusher Tue 19-Jan-16 07:20:16

I bought a little magnetic meal planner calendar from Wilko and have this stuck to my fridge
I go through the contents of my fridge and freezer on a Sunday and write all of the meals for the week on it . It really helps me to keep track of what we are eating.
I do online shopping as it keeps me on track with exactly what I need for meals. When I go instore I tend to get suckered in by special offers and sweet treats.( I use £3 a month delivery saver so I am less than £1 a week to have my shopping delivered to my door, far less than petrol costs I would rack up)

We also have a pasta bake at least twice a week with just sauce and cheese ,meat free meals save money!
I follow a blog called Frugal in Cornwall, the lady on there is excellent at making wholesome healthy meals for very little.


I think I have myself and my DC turned out immaculately for little cost.
I use EBay loads, I look on the Next website for ideas , then search that exact item of clothing to see if I can get it in EBay. I get loads of brand new with tags items for just a few pounds. I also buy Used items , but check the description and photos carefully ,lots of people put things on as ' Used' but when you read the description they have been worn once or just tried on.

If you have a Matalan clearance store near you then these are Excellent for basics bargains . I've recently had kids wellies £1, 2 packs of school shirts 50p, ladies underwear 50p, school trousers £1...
They are laid out like a total jumble but to get brand new with tags ️BARGAINS it's great.

Also another thing I do is check Tesco F & F clothing online daily ,really early in the morning as this is when they seemto load any sale prices . I have been really lucky getting 5 pack of baby bodysuits for £1, bibs £1, ladies pyjamas £3. I just search price low-high . It is free to click and collect at my local store.

For myself I use ASOS , I scour the sale sections and have got some great bargains.

Beauty/ Toiletries

As a PP said, £1 shop toiletries can be more expensive than the supermarket offer prices.
Value face wipes in Tesco 49p For removing make up for example or shampoo for 85p.

In Superdrug , they mark their clearance items at the shelf edge with a yellow plastic label type thing.
I go in quite often and do a yellow label run wink.
I look on the various freebie websites too and send away for the beauty samples / sachets.
A lot of my make up I have switched to MUA from Superdrug , great colour ranges and lots of items £1 and dupes of premium products.

For the kids we go to the library weekly for new books, local parks and museums are free and fun.

LoadsaBlusher Tue 19-Jan-16 10:18:39

Also I sell loads on EBay too, as soon as the DC grow out of clothes , I wash, iron and photograph them and put them on EBay. I then use the money that I have built up in my Paypal Account to purchase what we need.
Or you can transfer your money from your paypal account to your bank account if you need to withdraw actual cash.

I've thought of a few more sites that I get fab deals too.

Schuh - has a great imperfect section. If you go to sale/offers/explore imperfects , then you can get branded trainers and shoes for kids and adults for as little as £2.99.
I recently got Clarks originals leather boots for DC for £5.99 , free postage over £5 too.

Amazon warehouse deals - again great for items with opened/ damaged packaging or tags but perfect product. I've had men's and kids Havainas flip flops for £4, Vans trainers £8 ,Converse £9 etc , shoes were fine , just the box was damaged or swing tags not attached.

Can you tell I love all this bargain hunting grin

franno1990 Sat 23-Jan-16 20:19:16

Loads of restaurants are giving out money off vouchers at the moment as they struggle to get people in during January. I got sent vouchers for 25% off Harvester, 40% Bella Italia and 50% off La Tasca.

Also if you sign up on the Krispy Kreme website at the moment you can get a free doughnut at Tescos.

I've found you can get loads of cosmetics really cheaply in....Poundland! They sell loads of brand name stuff but its hidden in different packaging. I got Maxfactor, Rimmel and Maybeline products in there last time I went (made a little video about it: )

The Body Shop have 40% off sale and non-sale items with their code. Plus if you go through the topcashback website then you get cashback on your purchases.

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