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Housing benefit suspended. Not sure what this means

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CinnamonBunYou Mon 11-Jan-16 14:51:58

Child care costs went up so tax credits will be going up. Usually they inform housing benefit of this increase but never inform them of why so I get sent a new award notice with less benefit and have to fart about ringing them and telling them why my tax credits have increased so I rang housing benefit after I rang tax credits to save them messing about. Now they have suspended my housing benefit for 6 weeks until they investigate it.

Does anyone know if this means they will carry on paying me once they have sorted it out and I lose out on 3 payments or does it mean they will backdate my payments? I'm going to end up in debt because of this and have to borrow from somewhere to pay my bills all because I thought it would save them and me some time and paperwork. Wish I hadn't bothered now! Childcare costs have gone up by £150 ever 4 weeks and I have to pay in advance and I will be down £300 in them 4 weeks plus I'm having to pay £100 to renew my tenancy this month so I'm buggered, really.

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