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Are there any bookkeepers/accountants available for technical advice?

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Crazybaglady Sun 10-Jan-16 10:39:44

Good morning!

I know this can wait until tomorrow and I can call my professional body for technical advice but if this is something I can be helped with today that would be great.

Please bare with me, this is my first client and the first time i've come across this.

Financial year 1st Jan - 31st Dec
I started with them 12 Nov
Was given a TB & Aged debtors and Aged creditors report as at 11/11/15
I've only just been given bank statements for period 16/10/15 - 15/12/15
Going through bank statements to match up payments to invoices and i've noticed a few instances where invoices that were not on the aged debtors/creditors reports have been paid. for EG:

19th Nov a payment was made for an invoice that was not listed on the aged creditors and was in fact marked as 'paid' by them before 12th Nov

How do I handle this? There are a few instances of this for both debtors and creditors. My main concern is that the figures on the original trial balance are not right. From looking at the bank statement I can see the actual figures for the date I started are in fact £500 more than on the TB.

What do I do?! The trial balance and aged debtors and creditors was not prepared by a previous bookkeeper/accountant as I am their first accountant. It was prepared by a not so silent 'shareholder' of the business

If anyone can give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Crazybaglady Sun 10-Jan-16 10:40:39

Sorry- I am a bookkeeper not an account. Must clarify.

nameschangerer Sun 10-Jan-16 10:47:38

Can you correct the Trial Balance based on your findings.

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