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Advice - Can I Pursue This Security?

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FantaIsFine Mon 21-Dec-15 08:59:57


I'm the creditor for quite a serious sum of money to an individual who doesn't have the best record on truth-telling. This sum of money was originally secured on a vehicle. When I called it in, apparently the individual established that he wasn't actually the registered keeper, his wife is (I believe she knows he has borrowed this money, but I can't be sure). There is paper in progress to secure this elsewhere, but since I believe he is going to default on this signature, if he does and I were to pursue my original security does it matter who is actually the registered keeper?

My wisdom at having entered into this doesn't need debating, nor the character traits of any of the participants. I've been a fuckwit and I'm seeking the speediest exit possible.


CaptainTightpantsforPM Mon 21-Dec-15 10:11:44

The registered keeper does not mean that that person is the owner of the vehicle. He would have to prove that she bought the vehicle with her own money and so is the legal owner as well.

FantaIsFine Mon 21-Dec-15 10:30:48

Thank you - that is very helpful.

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