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damppatchnot Sat 19-Dec-15 20:02:08

Anyone able to advise me on when and what I should be paid as at the moment struggling to understand and manage !!

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 19-Dec-15 20:05:05

You'd need to give more information. Are you on income based or contributions based? Is it just you on your claim? What day of the week do you sign on?

damppatchnot Sat 19-Dec-15 20:08:19

I'm on contribution based
I signed on 19th nov and recd 33 and 143 this week
Just wondered when I will get next one x

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 19-Dec-15 20:16:46

If you're on Contributions based and over 25, it should be £73.10 per week. Were these your first payments? It looks like that's just over two weeks.

You should be paid every two weeks, as long as you sign on regularly. They can move your payment date if you're late signing on. If they are closed on your next signing date, because of Christmas or New Year, they'll either tell you that you don't need to sign on or move your date, but you should still be paid on the right day.

I hope that helps smile

WeAreEternal Sat 19-Dec-15 20:23:16

I have not claimed it so my understanding is limited but I believe you have to go to the job centre every other week on the same day and get paid around £150 the week after you have 'signed on'.

If you last signed on 19/11 you should have signed on 3/12 and 17/12,
surely they will have told you when you had to attend?

I assume you will not get paid any more money until you have been to the job centre to sign on again.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 19-Dec-15 20:30:31

Eternal makes a good point, I didn't notice the November bit. If you haven't signed on since then, your claim may have been closed, hence the odd payment amount.

It's usually every two weeks so like Eternal said, I'd have expected you to have signing on appointments on the 3rd and the 17th.

damppatchnot Sat 19-Dec-15 20:32:29

I have signed on every fortnight but only got the two payments this week
Surely I'm due something next week?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 19-Dec-15 20:33:38

Ah okay. Did you sign on last week?

damppatchnot Sat 19-Dec-15 20:40:25

Yes Friday x

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 19-Dec-15 20:43:05

I think you'll get it on the 23rd, if not before.

RebootYourEngine Sat 19-Dec-15 22:13:11

When i was signing on you were paid amweek behind so on the week of the 3rd you should have gotten one weeks payment and on the week of the 17th you should have gotten two weeks money. It always took a few days from signing on to get the money. So if you signed on on a tues you would get the money on the friday after that.

WeAreEternal Sun 20-Dec-15 04:55:00

I asked my friend (who works for the job centre) and he said if you signed on' on Friday you will get paid your allowance on Wednesday.

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