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Bills for single person??

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foxessoxes Mon 14-Dec-15 22:52:40

Those of you who live, or have recently lived, alone- how much are your monthly bills???

Currently pay £100 odd a month DD for gas and electricity. Some standard tariff with N Power.

Electricity wise: couple of hours TV each night, charging gadgets, washer every 2 days, dishwasher every night. Shower every night. And then things being plugged in etc. electric blanket on for hour or so in winter months. Rare kettle use and microwave use every couple of days

Gas wise: 4 hours heating each night, hot water on for few hours every couple of days. 1/2 hours cooking every night.

I dont have broadband yet, so would be good to hear what people pay for that.

BackforGood Mon 14-Dec-15 23:40:22

That sounds high to me.
I pay £118pm for both at the moment, and I have a family of 5 - 3 of whom are teens, and normally hooked up to 2 or 3 electronic items at a time. Plus factor in all the tumble drying I do for a family. Plus factor in our house is presumably a lot bigger than yours - with high ceilings and lots of rooms and not great insulation (it's a Victorian house). Plus the number of showers, plus the number of times the oven goes on, etc.,etc.,etc.
I would expect yours to be a LOT lower than ours.

moveon Mon 14-Dec-15 23:50:53

Me and 8yo DD (she is at her dad's 4 nights in 14). I apy £80 per month for gas and electric.

Gas heating on for an hour in the morning and 3.5 hours in the evening. I watch far too much TV (3-4 hours) each night. Around 8-10 when DD is at her dad's.

Boiler is gas combi.

I cook every night and lunch at least 4 times each week.

I charge gadets (phonex2, laptop, kindle, tablet).

Downstairs is cold (exposed floorboards and v cold kitchen).

I work from home 2 - 3 times a week.

I never turn off broadband.


Check your tariff as it seems high. I obsessively compare and switch. I am sure I could even save more if I put more rugs down. It used to be £180 when XP lived with us and before I got a decent thermostat and walked around in a vest in the winter.

caroldecker Tue 15-Dec-15 00:19:34

I just put some details into uswitch, paying £40 for gas and £60 for electric on Npower standard tariff and you could save £381 a year by switching.

LabradorMama Tue 15-Dec-15 00:36:58

Check your tariff, I saved half by moving away from npower's standard tariff. Also take meter readings and log with npower's then check your usage against what you pay - you will probably be paying far more than necessary.

As a guide I pay £56 p/m for me and 2 yo DS and I bet I use average or above

Akire Tue 15-Dec-15 00:51:55

I live in new one bed don't put heating on so just gas for water and cooking. Use electric dryer for clothes thank you Lakeland which heats the flat. I pay average £46 gas and £45 electric.

As I use a lot less than average home in actual charged more as first hundred kilo watt or whatever they called are a lot more expensive. Funnily enough the more you use the cheaper each unit becomes which is stupid! Plus if you really cut back you still have daily service charges for zero use

hollinhurst84 Tue 15-Dec-15 01:24:55

Gas and electric £40 a month (total)
Combi boiler, power shower, gas hob, electric oven

Broadband - about £23 a month through utility warehouse

moveon Tue 15-Dec-15 10:32:40

Broadband £16:99 each month (includes phone as well). Unlimited but not fibre.

I just switched to plusnet.

moveon Tue 15-Dec-15 10:34:54

Also meant to say re my £80 dual fuel each month, I live in an Edwardian semi. Rear single story extension, 2.5 rooms upstairs.

You should do a price comparison site check.

19lottie82 Tue 15-Dec-15 13:03:04

if you're going to use comparison sites then enter your exact useable from the pay year. Estimates for the size of home and number of occupants are useless. They will give you the lowest end of the estimate, the chances of you actually paying that over the year are slim to none.

specialsubject Tue 15-Dec-15 17:53:23

standard tariffs are always the most expensive. Get your actual usage figures and do a comparison. Check every few months. Get fixes with no exit penalty.

also depends on house insulation and orientation, which you don't mention.

the tariffs which charged more for the first x units have now gone, it is all standing charge plus unit charge, or occasionally no standing charge but massive unit charge.

broadband and phone charges/offers can also be found on the comparison sites. Again, change every year to get new customer deals. Loyalty is for fools now.

R3alxmastr33 Wed 16-Dec-15 23:13:56

Your gas & electric seems far too high !

I assume you also need to include


Council tax

Mobile phone or land line


You may have some insurance eg house & content insurance, car insurance


Travel transport


TV license

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