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Bailiff charges

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ChutneyRhodrey Sun 06-Dec-15 21:04:58

We are in an arrangement with a debt collector for old council tax. We have paid on time or early every month. This month we weren't able to make the payment until 3 days after it was due (DH did not let me know this, had he I would have borrowed from family). It was the final instalment due on the account. 

The day it was due, DP called to make a payment, they refused to accept it explaining a bailiff had called. Sure enough when I got home there was a letter through the door. Basically it said that we have defaulted on our agreement and haven't paid the final £34 so they have charged us £235. That all of the money had to be paid by 6pm that day or else they will seize goods. 

I've looked on CAB and CAG and as far as I understand they should have sent us an enforcement notice allowing us 7 days to pay up before sending a bailiff, does anyone know if this is right? The letter was not an enforcement notice, it was more a template that the bailiff had written most of and even says "version 1" at the bottom.

How do I resolve this? I can't afford to pay £235 in charges. Prior to this letter all we received from them was the first contact saying we owed money and to call them. 

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