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Scared about universal credit, could you share your experiences?

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Followyourart Thu 03-Dec-15 08:18:05

I stand to lose my job (redundancy) in january. Universal Credit is introduced in my area in jan. I have been looking for work and sure I will find something before January but I'm always thinking of the worst case scenario!
I've had to claim jsa in the past and found that at least getting half of the housing benefit every 2 weeks meant I could pay the rent and not go to far into overdraft if at all - apparently there is a wait of at least 6 weeks til your first payment of UC. I like to think I prepare myself for that type of eventuality but over 6 weeks would mean I would need a months rent at least put aside which I don't have. Sanctions have become more severe and because hb is tied to UC if you are sanctioned you could end up homeless due to housing benefit being sanctioned also!
Would love to know how the govt thinks we can just walk into another job , a full time cleaning job, a shelf stacking job where you compete with 500 fellow applicants..
I can't find any info about UC - the rates or anything. It all seems really vague. Are they expecting unemployed people with children to claim this as well? Because I really think a lot of people will struggle with a 6week wait for a payment.

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