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Tax credit dispute

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steve698 Thu 26-Nov-15 14:14:43

Does anyone know the correct stages of dispute for Tax credit overpayment ?
As is usual with HMRC everything is made so complex. I received an overpayment notice 24/08/15 for £3800. I disputed straight away keeping copies of everything. They sent back 19/10/15 rejecting my dispute but stating "you have the right to mandatory reconsideration". Thinking that was the next stage I then supplied more detailed info and sent that registered to them 26/10/15. Today 26/11/15 I get a letter stating mandatory reconsideration must be submitted within 30 days of the original notice - which was back in August. This can't be right, no mention has been given to my dispute and all this time has passed because they have dragged their heels at every stage waiting 6 weeks at a time before replying.
Anyone know where I go from here, it is worrying the life out of me as I'm currently not earning and can't pay back even if they insist. I have no house in my name, no car, no income, and next to no possessions, what exactly do they want a piece of - my body parts ?

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