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Does being in your agreed overdraft affect your credit rating?

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FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Wed 25-Nov-15 22:45:05

Just that really.
I'm thinking about applying for a small mortgage with DP.
I have a small student loan, my car on finance and my mobile phone.
Never ever defaulted on a payment.
Have a credit card which I use but always clear the balance every month.
I just sometimes go into my agreed overdraft.
Will this affect my mortgage potential?
Thanks so much in advance smile

Bearbehind Thu 26-Nov-15 07:36:32

It won't help your application but the extent to which it affects it will depend entirely on which lender you choose and what you and your partners specific circumstances are.

It's much better to explain your situation to a whole of market broker who can recommend the right lender for you than you just picking a deal you like the look of and applying to that lender.

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