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Continued errors in dh wages.

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Dontbesilly Fri 13-Nov-15 20:18:03

The boss of the company where my dh works employed his dd to do the payroll. She has no clue about wages. Consistently everyones wages are wrong.

This month dh needs to be paid his wages plus overtime correctly, have an error in last months wages corrected as a paper exercise only and his tax code changed this month. This will be done wrong again no doubt.

Pay slips arrive two or three days after the bacs payment date and the payroll details have been already sent to HMRC so nothing can be corrected or so the company claims. Shortfalls are paid either the same month if people can't manage financially and appear on the following months payslip or you have to wait for next month. Very occasionally she totally forgets to do the wages.

Would my local Tax Office have a look at the wage slips and bank statements, check everything is OK or not, arrange corrections and intervene? Each months wage slip contains a correction from the previous month and everything is messy. The wage slips and bank statements don't match up as each month has an adjustment. We have to keep a diary detailing everything as a record to remind ourselves what's going on. Everything is a mess and the boss defends his dd if anyone complains about errors and she thinks everyone is just moaning and should be grateful for the job.

Any ideas to ensure everything is in order would be great.

lougle Fri 13-Nov-15 20:31:43

The tax office can only check that tax is being deducted correctly in comparison with stated wages and that the overall tax paid by each employee is correct for the year.

Who is totting up the time sheets? Is your DH making his timesheet clear so that it is easy to work out overtime claimed, etc?

Dontbesilly Fri 13-Nov-15 21:09:46

Hi, yes his timesheets are completed correctly (he takes a copy on the cut off date for his records so we can identify and prove any error) and the forms are very simple, she made the forms herself for the workers to use. It's basically a case of the same number of hours per month x the hourly rate for the basic pay. Overtime is clearly written on the timesheets at the rates yet she gets either the rate of pay or number of hours wrong. The clocking in cards are a backup she won't recognise. Holiday pay, pension contributions and sick pay are wrong too. Even when there is no overtime, just a basic month of set hours x hourly rate she gets it wrong. Usually we have to tell her where it's wrong, what is needed to correct it and she considers it. Sometimes dh has just let things go rather than argue, for example if he is owed three days holiday pay and only gets paid for two and there is too much of a trauma sorting it out he just conceeds. Sometimes it's not financially viable to let it go if it's a lot of money and he has to battle for what he is owed. She has been taking pension contributions from some of the workers and not putting it in their pension fund. The annual pension statement highlighted that error and eventually the men affected got sorted out with a lump sum payment to the fund but the wage slips all showed a pension deduction so noone suspected anything until the pension statement arrived.

It's not just dh who is affected but everyone else too. There has never been a month when everyone has correct wages, hence why the spokesman speaks for everyone affected that month.

She tots up the timesheets and doesn't need anyone else to double check them before they are processed, so the other office staff say. Before she did payroll everything was ok and very accurate.

I think then from what you say I might be better off seeing a tax accountant and letting them look at it. We just want to pay the right tax and feel reassured that all is in order.

gabsdot Mon 16-Nov-15 13:44:42

I used to do payroll and for a few months I made loads of mistakes but I eventually got the hang of it. However if everyone's pay is wrong every month then that is unacceptable. Is there a supervisor?If so I'd suggest that the supervisor makes a big list of all the errors that need correcting and then sits with the payroll person while she does the payroll and makes sure that the errors are all corrected. If one payroll is right then the next one will be easier.
Getting people's pay right is a very basic thing in running a business. The boss should be taking it more seriously.

Dontbesilly Fri 20-Nov-15 11:42:27

Hi thank you for your reply. Things just got worse than ever. Dh was paid the wrong amount, last months wages were wrong and the supposed corrections were wrong too and the wages lady (the bosses daughter) paid random sums of money in our bank account to help with the shortfall. They subcontractor out the payroll to another company to submit but use the daughters figures. This month the wage slip was refused by dh as it's wrong, it's Xmas and we need to know what he earned etc. Sadly as she submitted payroll fir November already it has to wait until December payroll.

I dare not spend anything as I don't know what he earned as the overtime was wrong and his new tax code didn't help.

Dh got a real bollocking from the daughters mother (bosses wife) for complaining about the incident. We are lucky though we got paid. Some were late paid and some had wages paid in the wrong account.

I am sick of the worrying about it and there is noone we can ask for help. Acas said raise a grievance but they scream at you like yesterday where dh had to walk away. Or my accountant said tell inland revenue about it as it's tax related.

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