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Is there any way I can get my DH to be a bit more proactive with money management without being a nag?

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SerenityReynolds Thu 12-Nov-15 10:09:42

Hoping you can help me with some tips to encourage DH to be a bit more on the ball when it comes to keeping an eye on his finances. It is nothing particularly serious - more an almost total lack of interest in anything but keeping an eye on his current account balance. He is a saver rather than a spender, and hates it when his balance is low at the end of the month (he never goes overdrawn, and nor do I, but since going part time, I have got more used to just having less in my account at the end of the month than pre-kids!).

I am just about to start mat leave with DC2 so the next few years will be tight financially until DD goes to school in Sept 2017. To prepare a budget, I went through my accounts and our joint ones to get an idea of our incomings and outgoings and asked him to to the same with his own account. 3 months later, despite me reminding him every month, he has still not done it. It took weeks of me reminding him to contact his life insurer about an increase in his monthly payments, which he had totally failed to notice (I picked it up reviewing the joint accounts). He gets letters/statements, opens them and just leaves them in piles around the house. He has been meaning to cancel 2 magazine subscriptions but again has just never got round to it (I don't know why he can't phone them in his lunch break).

Before anyone suggests it, I am 100% sure he has no hidden debts/credit cards - he hates being in debt, and would rather just do without things/save up than put them on credit (we have a similar attitude mostly about saving and spending). He admits it is largely disinterest and apathy on his part (he is the same with putting off DIY/gardening that he has no interest in!) and but for the first time, our finances need to be watertight every month, and I am sick of feeling like I have to constantly ask him to do these things which could save us a bit of money here and there. I don't need to know the minutiae of his spending, just ballpark money in and regular payments out of his account so we can see where we are. I don't want to be a controlling nag, but he just lacks any impetus to get on with it himself, so that's how I end up feeling sad.

Sorry, that was long!

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