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Compensation or Goodwill Gesture

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kah22 Wed 11-Nov-15 09:44:30

I've had an ongoing issue with John Lewis Online which I hope will be resolved today or tomorrow. I've mentioned compensation for all the hassle I've been through and JL accept that a 'gesture' is in order. I'll not fight over words

The question is how does the customer know what to ask for?

In my case JL cancelled an order they'd accepted and then told me. Then they accepted the order and as a result I've had to cancel several tradesmen because JL didn't send the original order and the second one was messed up as regards delivery. In addition I've had long phone calls, mostly at JL expense and have had to wait in all day for a delivery that didn't arrive

That's just me but I'm wondering if there is any guideline you can use when making a claim for goodwill that would stretch across large companies e.g having to stay in for a day, telephone calls, hassle all that general sort of thing that you can't put a set figure on

fabulousathome Wed 11-Nov-15 20:12:06

Your daily rate if you work to start with. Plus the same rate in time for calls. Plus any actual costs incurred e.g. cancellation fees for tradesmen.

SpanglesGalloway Wed 11-Nov-15 20:17:32

Hello I work in a complaints team smile

Compensation, for me and my team, is when we as a business have caused an error which has left the customer out pocket so we would compensate that money back and offer a gesture of goodwill for the distress and inconvenience

If you are not out of pocket then a gesture is in order.

IF you are eg call costs post costs Loss of earnings they should be compensated then a gesture as an apology for distress and inconvenience. For first level "mild" inconvenience we would be looking at £25-50

kah22 Wed 11-Nov-15 21:33:30

Thanks for the replies. I think the topic is a valuable one in so much as it might help others in a similar position figure out what they should realistically expect.

On a more personal level I had my issue resolved today - my goods arrived and JL rang, as promised, and offered me £100 as a goodwill gesture. I accepted

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