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PPI Claims company-certificates

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Blueandwhitelover Sat 07-Nov-15 10:50:38

I've used a claims company just because I literally can't remember who I have had loans/cards with in the past but do think I've had ppi which I didn't need. (That might make me sound like I'm disorganised but I'm not really!) The claims company have come back and said 3 banks have asked for further information and they would like a copy of my marriage certificate, passport/driving license and a current utility bill.
(I have gotten married since taking the loans/cards so they would be in a different name).
Does this sound normal? I wasn't expecting to have to provide personal documents like that.

Blueandwhitelover Sat 14-Nov-15 10:14:09

Can anyone help?

BooseysMom Thu 19-Nov-15 09:39:03

Hi Blue
I recently used a claims company and regretted it as I had to hand over 25% of my PPI refunds which totalled to quite a few hundred. At no point did they ask for copies of personal documents. They just got me to sign forms to say that I had asked them to contact the bank. Really it was something I could have done alone without them stepping in. The claims company only do what I could have done on my own - so to take 25% (Plus VAT!) was extremely cheeky! It was on the news recently that these companies are to be investigated for taking too much money in fees.
Good luck!

Blueandwhitelover Thu 19-Nov-15 16:42:41

Thanks for replying. I'm just not happy sending these documents up there, they have said if they don't receive them within two weeks they will close the claim (they haven't done anything without me chasing since September) so I think I will leave it then contact the companies direct in a few weeks.

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