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Help over split with a car

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Serafyn Sun 25-Oct-15 21:46:16

Hi I wondered if you could help me over a matter. During my relationship my partner gave me his car, purchased outright before I met him, it was reg in my name. Now we're split he wants me to pay for it or hand it back, can he do this as I need it for work kids etc, he's the type of bloke to take me to small claims court.

Serafyn Sun 25-Oct-15 21:47:52

I mean v5c is in my name as he gave it to me, but this isn't proof of ownership. He has receipt for that.

overthemill Sun 25-Oct-15 21:53:19

Have you paid for insurance, servicing etc since he 'gave ' it to you? I'd look for anything you can find that indicates you paid towards its upkeep in case he does take you to court. But in my experience, small claims are very fair about stuff like this

Serafyn Sun 25-Oct-15 21:57:13

Hi he paid for up keep for me during our relationship. But I didn't make any payments towards it during the relationship as it was a gift and he'd signed over the v5

19lottie82 Sun 25-Oct-15 21:58:23

Has he got another car?
How much is the car worth?

Serafyn Sun 25-Oct-15 22:00:09

Yes he purchased another car gave that car to me, now he wants the money back its worth four thousand.

Serafyn Sun 25-Oct-15 22:16:25

In other words it was a gift whilst with him and not now apart, he did sign it over the v5 and generously paid upkeep of Maintenece. I wondered if they would see it as a gift or that I have to give it back or pay?

overthemill Sun 25-Oct-15 22:23:43

If he said it was a gift, it's a gift. If you have been paying towards the running costs that may help prove it. He sounds like an idiot.

Serafyn Sun 25-Oct-15 22:27:51

Well I was wondering if the fact he I didn't pay for it during rekationship would make it a gift? Yes I never wanted split he found another woman.

overthemill Mon 26-Oct-15 18:54:48

Did he say he was giving you the car? If yes it's a gift but you may need to prove it but IME small claims courts are sensible places

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