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Joint claim ESA and NI 'stamp'

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iamaboveandBeyond Fri 23-Oct-15 09:51:10


Wonder if anyone can help with this?

When we had children, DH worked and i was a sahm, so child benefit was in my name. When i became ill, DHs earnings were above the threshold for carers allowance, right up to when he was made redundant a year ago. As my health was still declining, he then became my full time carer. As he was then unemplyed, i was able to claim income based ESA, with it working out better for him to be the second person on the claim as opposed to claiming carers allowance. Child benefit still in my name.

It occured to us yesterday that as he is not named on the ESA claim (just 'partner'), nor receiving CB, he doesnt appear to be getting an NI 'stamp'. So i suggested we change the CB to his name, so he gets the CB stamp and i get the ESA stamp?

Before we do it, am i missing anything here? Google has not been helpful, seems i am the first person to ask this! grin


kaosfude Fri 23-Oct-15 21:32:36

Yes putting the CB in his name would cover his stamp for his pension, at least until the youngest dc is 12. He can also get an NI stamp paid by claiming carers credits (which just pays the stamp but not a cash payment) - so that's worth looking into for when the dc are older and CB won't pay a stamp.

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