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Stolen money

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samsswampy Mon 05-Oct-15 12:56:56

There are 8 of us living in the same house, my Dm and Df downstairs and me Dh, 2 DDs and 2 DSs upstairs, we own half the house each and both families have their own lounge and kitchen. DM says she put 85.00 in her bureau in her lounge and it went missing, she thinks either DS 20 or DD 17 took it, they both deny it DS works so has money and DD is at college so gets pocket money. Dh thinks DM has mislaid it or spent it and forgot! So everyone is rowing about it and I don't know who to believe. Then 2 days after DM said the money turned up in a different drawer of the bureau so she's got it back but still wants an apology. She's now talking about going to the police, both children still say it wasn't them so won't apologise I don't know what to do and don't like my children to be accused of stealing if they didn't!

ginmakesitallok Mon 05-Oct-15 13:00:16

Well she has no proof, and has the money back so I'm not sure what she thinks the police will do? She needs to get a lock for her bureau.

Footle Mon 05-Oct-15 13:07:00

My first thought is that she bothered to look in Drawer 2 because she had some faint memory of putting it there herself.
If she still wants to go to the police then she should do so, rather than continuing to hold the threat over you all. They will probably tell her politely that she's likely to have made a mistake..but it's a bit of a waste of their time. Is she absent-minded about other things ?
Horrid for you.

specialsubject Mon 05-Oct-15 13:36:14

where do you live, Fawlty Towers?

she's got the money back. Nothing has happened. Tell her not to waste police time.

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