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Still no news from Concentrix - anyone else?

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binxthecat1 Wed 09-Sep-15 19:46:04

Hi I sent off all my documents which were signed for on June 12th and had my documents returned 20th August yet I still have had no news from Concentrix about my tax credit investigation. I am expecting an overpayment on my working tax credits (I sent a full explanation and apology for not informing them of a change in working hours) but I am a bit concerned that everyone else seems to have had their cases dealt with and mine isn't. I just get told to call back when I get through on their help line and getting any sort of consistent answer is impossible. Have they just decided to abandon cases now? I wouldn't be surprised if they are now inundated with mandatory reconsiderations and complaints and I am now at the bottom of the queue! How does it take 3 months to get nowhere!!

Accountslady Tue 27-Oct-15 21:57:36

I sent mine in June...still not heard anything back. Have you yet?

jsd2k15 Sun 15-Nov-15 01:33:22

Sent mine 7th November it's 15th today still heard nothing yet. They said on the letter allow 15 days for us to reach a decision but I think they are most likely going to take longer then that, hearing the responses from people on this forum. I am really hoping I don't get a penalty or anything because we are really skint right now and no way we can afford to repay an over payment. Just praying this over and done with by then end of 2 weeks. Stick in there I know this worries the hell out of your mind i can barely sleep either I just think about this 24/7 and how screwed up my life will be If the payments are stopped or reduced!!

Password9 Wed 18-Nov-15 19:25:16

hi sorry to drag this thread up maybe newer One. I wondering if any one has done as I am planning. I am refusing to said paperwork and planning on taking to tribunal where I can take paper work to a panel at local centre. Fortunately I'm financially able to wait for the moneys.
I found i a joke that it says if you have problems contact us to see what can be done when clearly they are refusing. I'm afraid off that amount off information falling into wrong hands. I to do not see that any of the info requested will confirm or deny That I'm cohabiting with partner. My partner has here own house own accounts ect.

I know how distressing things are. I to suffer from depression and under mental health care. I beginning to wish Id let write me off from working when I had a break down. But really wanted to pull my self up. I didnt eat yesterday. Just eaten now. Will deal with this tomorrow. I disgusted there taking so long to process you paperwork.

C95O Mon 23-May-16 14:52:00

I received a letter today about there been information of a partner living with me

And wanting docs but I live with friends so the only doc I have if post office statements I phoned up and said that's only doc I have the lady on phone said that's fine just write letter to say why so I have. But I really don't think it'll be enough cause what they say and do is completely different.

For 1 I don't have my own house I'm 21 living with friends who took me in when I was 15 years old when I got pregnant the only people living here are owners mom/dad and there 2sons and me and my daughter
These are the only people who have been living here since I moved in nothing has changed but there saying they have information I have a partner living here I don't think so for 1 there's no room 1of the sons are sleeping on the sofa cause he gave me his bedroom for me and my daughter otherwise we would be on sofa

How long does it take for them to get back with there stuff to say they have evidence or not

I've been looking them up on Internet and there's a pretion to stop them cause there not even looking into your stuff cause they have to go thought loads of people a day and not enough time. So loads of people are loosing the tax credits.

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