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Bank account for Bubs

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MamaB21 Sat 05-Sep-15 13:50:37

We'd like to open a bank account for Bubs for his first birthday. Not much for now but expect/hope to add substantial amounts over the years. We've decided not to go down the children's savings account route as would prefer for him not to have automatic access when he turns 18. Instead, we will choose whether and when to give him some/all of the money.

Can anyone recommend a high interest account that we should look at, which will give us best value long-term?

skyeskyeskye Sat 05-Sep-15 14:41:41

My DD's account is with Lloyds Bank. It pays 3% gross interest. There are a few out there paying 3%, Halifax is another.

Try looking on moneysupermarket or moneysavingsexpert to find out all of the best rates.

There is one account at Halifax paying 6% for one year on regular amounts paid in each month if you want to build up a fund over a year.

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