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Selling wedding dress

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Whatamuckingfuddle Sat 29-Aug-15 15:31:16

I expect there's a more appropriate place to post this but am looking for advice on selling my wedding dress, I only got married this year and I can't think that I need it sitting in my wardrobe more than I need some money for it. So does anyone have any advice about the best place to sell it, I did speak to a second hand dress seller a while ago but she offered me a pitiful percentage and 'only if she could sell it' so I didn't pursue that avenue, ebay seems a good option but I don't know the first thing about selling on eBay, although have bought a couple of bits on there. Anyone with any advice?

Whatamuckingfuddle Sat 29-Aug-15 17:26:45


LadyStark Sat 29-Aug-15 17:38:25

Wedding dresses hold very little value but eBay worth a try.

If it's a particularly good brand e.g. Jenny Packham you will probably be able to get a good price for it. There are a few sites specifically for selling wedding dresses, just Google and see which ones you like the look of.

Mouthfulofquiz Sat 29-Aug-15 17:54:22

I agree with the above poster - it's pitiful what you will get back unless it's a high end designer brand and even then, only if it's a particularly special design and it's in demand. Also -you will need to have had hardly any adjustments made to the dress. I sold my designer dress for £900 (it was retailing for £1600 - I had bought it as a sample for £700) but I timed it just right that it was being discontinued. I had also had no adjustments made at all and it was immaculate. Still, in some ways I wish I still had it!! You'll probably need to get it professional cleaned which costs a fair bit.

LadyStark Sat 29-Aug-15 17:58:22

Well done mouthful, that's a great price! I have been perusing eBay as I am getting married next year and some dresses that are ok brands are going for £30/£50 etc.

That said, I can see why, the thought of buying 'blind' with no ability to return means I will probably end up buying new.

Mouthfulofquiz Sat 29-Aug-15 19:15:33

yes, I was happy with that I have to say.
OP, you might get more in the end through an agency. People do like being able to try things on.

Whatamuckingfuddle Sat 29-Aug-15 19:45:54

I don't really knows nothing about wedding dresses! I just saw it and liked it, it was david tutera and I paid about £1500 for it but I don't know if it's even a good make as i wouldn't know any wedding dress designers, maybe I'll try another agency, £900 would be great, maybe I'll try ebay with a reserve of a couple of hundred and if it doesn't sell go down the agency route, thank you for the advice!

Whatamuckingfuddle Sat 29-Aug-15 19:46:58

I have had it cleaned already though, so that's something!

jclm Mon 07-Sep-15 14:34:09

Have you considered getting it made into something else? Eg christening gown or little girls party dress? As the second hand wedding dresses go for next to nothing x

WaitingForEgg Mon 07-Sep-15 14:37:48

I sold my dress on Preloved. I paid £2000 for it and got around £1100 when I sold it. It did sit on the site for a while (several months). It was a Suzanne Neville dress though which do tend to have a good resale value.

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