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Local service compliance office interview

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AnnieS2015 Sat 15-Aug-15 16:08:51

Compliance office interview - confussed
Hi, I recently attended a local service compliance office interview which I was told an alligation had been made that im working for cash in hand whilst on income support. I addmited to the officer that I had helped a friend and a family member out occassionally to the value of no more than £20 a week and I had not declared it as each time I was going to it they didnt come to anything. he wrote a statement saying that during my claim of income support I have not worked commercially. He then said I had 28days to bring any further information to him. I am now worried because he didnt make any note of what I admitted to. Does this mean they have evidence against me or not? He did say that as long as what I have done upto now stops he would turn a blind eye to what I admitted as there was no value in it. I cant remember how the interview finished. I no I did wrong by not telling them, I was sure I had told my lone parent advisor about this tho. Has anyone had such interview because work alligations and if so what was the outcome. Cant help but feel he was nice to be able to get me in more trouble?!!

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