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Carer's Allowance - Lost Paperwork

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bedelia Fri 14-Aug-15 01:49:54

I applied for Carer's Allowance online about 6 weeks ago when my son was awarded DLA, and asked for the claim to begin from May (when the DLA claim began). I'm p/t self employed but earn well under the threshold and am pretty sure of eligibility.

As expected I received a form asking about my earnings and for proof of income. Filled it in and sent everything off by Special Delivery. It was received and signed for on 27th of July.

Had a call early last week from the CA Unit asking about the form as there was no record of having received it. I explained that I'd sent it by SD, so the lady checked and said it still wasn't on the system, but that I didn't need to do anything, they'd contact me if any further info was needed. I called for an update today to find that they still have no record of receiving the form and documents. I asked whether I should re-send the paperwork but was advised they would put a trace(?) on it (but I thought had happened last week confused) and to wait another week before calling again.

The deadline for when I needed to submit the form/paperwork has long since passed. Just not sure what to do now? I'm wondering (since I have proof they received the paperwork) whether it may indeed be found, or if my claim will be closed down, meaning I'll have to apply again and lose any backpayment?

TIA to anyone who could advise smile

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