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Ill health Pension

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2wenty2wenty Thu 13-Aug-15 18:15:07

My partner has been retired off due to ill health, he has been given a full pension of £21,000 this will be his only source of income. I'm a low earner (£8,000 pa) Does anyone know if his pension earnings will be considered when making a claim for tax credits? His illness/disability is not a work related illness.

Rockchick1984 Fri 14-Aug-15 11:08:44

Yes that will be taken into account, so depending on how many children you have you'll either get no tax credits or a small amount. Have you checked if he is eligible for PIP?

2wenty2wenty Fri 14-Aug-15 12:07:38

Thank you Rockchick. I thought so. Yes he's just started getting PIP which is a help, the Royal Marsden nurses forgot to tell us we were legible a year and a half ago when first diagnosed. We have 2 children. It's going to be a struggle but we'll just have to get used to having less pennies.

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