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Do I have any legal responsibility for repaying DP's student loan?

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Frenchpeaches Tue 11-Aug-15 10:52:30

DP, who is from another country, is being chased by his home country to repay a student loan he thought would be written off. Bloody silly him hmm, and fair enough that his home country wants repayment.

He has minimal savings and income is a bit tight at the moment as we have a baby and I'm on SMP, so he responded with an application for paying less than was being asked for. The form asked for all my ("your spouse's/partner's") income and expenditure as well as his. DP put N/A for this, because apart from a joint account for groceries and baby, we keep our finances separate. (We each have children from previous relationships that we're financially responsible for and I own our home, so it's more straightforward to manage money separately. He pays me towards half the bills each month.) But moreover, it's his debt, not mine! We didn't want me and my finances being brought into the picture.

The tax office from his home country has come back asking for my current income, when I'll be returning to work from maternity leave, what I'll be paid, etc. I find this intrusive and irrelevant, and I'm worrying that somehow, legally, they can stake a claim to my (minimal) income and more concerningly, my savings. We're not married.

We don't want to reply saying N/A again, as clearly they want this information and we don't want to appear to be hiding anything. But I'm worried they'll expect me to cough up once they know I have some money put away (which I have saved for essentials like repaying the mortgage, replacing the ageing car, etc).

Does anyone happen to know the law with respect to a situation like this? Do I have a legal responsibility to fork out to help DP clear his debt which would seem insane and bloody unfair IMO? If not, why do they need to know all this about me when it's DP's debt? How should we respond?


annielostit Tue 11-Aug-15 12:10:35

Have you tried Google? There's different rules etc for different places. You will know all the details.
If your not responsible for it, how he has to pay it off has financial implications for you & your families

rollonthesummer Tue 11-Aug-15 12:13:50

How much is it and which country? I presume you're unmarried?

Viviennemary Tue 11-Aug-15 13:39:38

I think it would depend on the terms of his loan. If the income and savings of the household he lives in is taken into consideration then you may find yourself indirectly liable. But it would be hard to see how they could actually enforce this if you have separate accounts. But they could present him with a bill or demand for payment.

vinoandbrie Tue 11-Aug-15 18:59:11

I think if you could share the home country name, that would be key.

Am also thinking that as you're not their citizen, and you're not in their country, they can whistle. But I'd get your partner to take legal advice on that.

MakingBaking Tue 11-Aug-15 19:23:16

I would imagine that the reason they are asking is to assertain how much he can afford to spend out of his own income so rather than you paying the loan directly you could potentially support his lifestyle while he paid back a larger chunk of his own income. If that makes sense?

No experience of this though so definitely worth consulting google.

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