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Will they backdate maternity allowance?

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nolembit Thu 23-Nov-06 18:57:23

I just wondered if anyone knew whether or not it is possible to backdate a claim for Maternity allowance. My baby was born last December and I didn't realise I was eligible as I was employed until the end of May. I just assumed I wouldn't be entitled and now I find out that I am, I feel so stupid at missing out on all that money. Does anyone know if the benefits agency will accept backdated claims??????

Gem13 Thu 23-Nov-06 19:04:07

I don't think so I'm afraid. I've just sorted mine out and I'm sure there was info saying they would only backdate for 3 months. It's really not well publicised.

Gem13 Thu 23-Nov-06 19:07:58

Found this but it doesn't say if there is a 'closing date'

Claim as soon as you can after you have been pregnant for 26 weeks. If you claim more than 3 months after the date your MA is due to start you will lose money.

It's worth speaking to someone though.

whoopsfallenoveragain Thu 23-Nov-06 19:10:15

I'd give your local jobcentre a call I claimed later than it suggests but I hadn't had my baby by that point! They are more helpful than you think!!!

nolembit Sat 25-Nov-06 22:50:15

Thanks for all your advice, have contacted job centre and they have sent me out forms. They weren't hopeful but said it's worth trying anyway, I might get something.

Gemziewooo Mon 03-Nov-14 20:19:03

Hi what was the outcome I have applied late and waiting on decisionxx

bonzo77 Mon 03-Nov-14 20:20:43

Do you think I could claim for the baby I had in 2010?

Chunderella Mon 03-Nov-14 20:40:31

Doubt it. I've a feeling OP might be a bit too late even, but in her case it was worth checking. You can't usually claim for benefits you were entitled to several years ago. May as well give them a ring to double check but I wouldn't expect anything.

Chunderella Mon 03-Nov-14 20:48:31

Just noticed this thread is from 8 years ago so I have a feeling OP won't be back to tell us!

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