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NHS Pension

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naanaa Wed 05-Aug-15 21:12:48

Hi All. I know very specific questions are difficult to answer but am hoping someone may have an idea. My OH is waiting to receive word about his pension. He retired on July 5th this year. In February he asked for an estimate of his pension, even though we'd worked it out roughly. After 13 weeks of waiting we had heard nothing, we had no choice but to get his application for his pension benefits in, to get it in withing the 3 months thay ask for.
So we hadn't heard anything but after a phone call last week he was told he could expect it to be all sorted out by August 14th.
My question is, when they say that they need 3 months is that for everything to be arranged with Equiniti Pay master as well, or is that just for them to finish their bit and then they let them know after the three months. We had expected the money by now as we gave 4 months in fact, we have a new kitchen planned in September and haven't been able to order anthing yet, so getting rather anxious about it.

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