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Making a will

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GoooRooo Wed 05-Aug-15 10:32:34

I'm 40, DH is 41. We have one DS 3.4 and another baby due in September. We have a mortgage on our home and another on a rental property but no other investments. Both mortages have about 20 years to run on them but there is equity in both properties. We also have a small amount of savings (less than £20k).

I am getting nervous that we don't have a will. My mum (who is only 62) has agreed to be guardian for the children should we both die at the same time.

If we die separately then all our assets will go to the other and then when the last of us dies they will be split equally among the two children so it's relatively straight forward in that sense.

So it's about time we got this sorted out. What's the easiest way to make a will? Should we go to a local solicitor or is there an easy way to DIY it?

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