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Car insurance renewal. Aaaargh!

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acatcalledjohn Wed 05-Aug-15 01:16:36

Currently pay approx. £24/month. I have 5-6 years no claims. I have not moved house. I am comfortably over 25. I still have the same car. Mileage is only 5-8k/year.

Renewal quote from my current insurer?


Are they for fucking real? angry

Etak15 Wed 05-Aug-15 01:27:13

The price they send you is negotiable! Go on a comparison site get a cheaper quote then ring them up and say you don't want to go with them because you are getting it for xx price and they will match it. Saves all the hassle of actually changing companies but if they won't budge on price then change,
It even works if same company come up on comparison for eg I'm with diamond who send me stupidly priced renewal quotes go on comparison site admiral always comes up cheapest ring diamond (who are same company as are elephant) and tell them this and they match it sometimes has been literally half the price. Also can you pay it all at once because that can knock a good chunk of the price because your paying interest for the monthly charge. - even if you put it on an Intrest free offer credit card, is cheaper than paying monthly.

HelenF35 Wed 05-Aug-15 05:14:27

Also check quidco and topcashback for cashback. Renewal quotes are almost always a rip off.

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Wed 05-Aug-15 05:18:44

This drives me insane. I asked our insurers once why their renewal quote was double what I was seeing on comparison sites and they actually said "cause most people are lazy and will just pay it". In the end they matched the best price I was getting on a comparison website, which was with them anyway. It was farcical and extremely frustrating.

Woodenheart Wed 05-Aug-15 05:48:26

They take the piss, My circumstances sound similar OP, & mine is £17 a month,
Also I noticed by altering the excess, to the lowest excess It didn't affect the monthly payment.

I always use & Sheilas Wheels always come up cheapest for me.

Im a little over 25 but less than 45 wink

Woodenheart Wed 05-Aug-15 05:50:22

Aha that reminds me, I need to tell them Ive moved 2 miles away, and that will bump the bloody price up angry

makingmiracles Wed 05-Aug-15 06:38:54

That's not bad going.....ive a 1.2 car, 8 yrs no claims and currently pay £28 pm, cheapest quote so far comes out at £20 pm.... that's with a total of £50 excess....

bizarrely when I altered the excess lower, the premium was higher!!

MrsPnut Wed 05-Aug-15 06:45:24

I just got my renewal quote, £258 from Sheila's wheels and instead went with direct line, £156 plus £45 cash back from quidco. 10 years no claims and under 10000 miles a year.

BeautifulBatman Wed 05-Aug-15 06:59:24

Bizarrely enough, the more mileage you do, the cheaper you're insurance can be. Low mileage isn't always a good thing.

addictedtosugar Wed 05-Aug-15 07:09:32

makingmiracles that's the way I'd expect. If you will pay more £ in the case of an accident, the insurance company will need to pay less, so lower premiums for you taking on some additional risk.

Etak15 Wed 05-Aug-15 08:09:14

I didn't know that about the mileage, mines only low, might make it bit higher next time!

acatcalledjohn Wed 05-Aug-15 21:03:12

So I phoned them today. No clear answer as to why there's an increase ("the way we look at things changes"). Despite the lady knocking about £75 off of the renewal quite, it was still £100 dearer than alternative insurers, so have cancelled my policy.

Off to Quidco compare now!

If ever there was an industry which required proper regulation...

makingmiracles Wed 05-Aug-15 21:09:05

sorry I meant the opposite! I changed the excess from 50 to 100/150 and the premium came out higher!! the more quotes I get, the more I believe its mainly pot luck for the amount they are charging!

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