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Really need some help/advice

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Lilimum2be Sun 02-Aug-15 21:02:27

Hi everyone, please help if you can.... I am 16 weeks pregnant with a one year old and hubby... He is working full time and pays for everything...all I am entitled to is child benefit and housing benefit which helps my husband out with the rent. I applied for tax credits and even after appealing the decision I cant have a penny help! My husband is finding the financial strains tough understandably but I feel alot of pressure to work and really do not know what to do! I've explained that I would have to work full time too to see any money in our pockets as we would have to pay full rent, childcare etc etc.... I'm not happy and feel so stressed... I have always worked and I do want to go back I just want our babies to be old enough and for us to be comfortable but he doesn't seem to understand.... Let me know what you think please x

Tucktalking Mon 03-Aug-15 00:30:35

Take things easy and try to work part time for a while and just reduce your expenses. Go back to full time when you feel you are ready. meanwhile just reassure him that you intend to go to full time work and you understand the pressure on him.

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