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A letter from concentrix or HMRC part 7

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Morgan97 Sat 01-Aug-15 21:47:29

If you have received a letter from Concentrix or HMRC and need advice or want to share your experience please join us. This is now part 7, the support on here is amazing.

Scousejo1967 Sun 02-Aug-15 09:05:41

Found you

Morgan97 Sun 02-Aug-15 10:10:30

Thank god someone's found me lol I can't seem to put the link up for part 7 n it looks like no ones been on after me n you x

GreenishMe Sun 02-Aug-15 13:58:39

Came to see how things are going....can't believe the length of this thread and the number of us it's affecting/affected.

Even though my case has been dealt with now, I can't help feeling this is only the thin end of the wedge for us all now we've got the Tories for another five years (who did that??), so I don't really feel as though my worries are behind me. It's also left me feeling as though people are judging me because I claim tax credits.

I hope you're all managing to stay sane - I know how scary it all is x

P.s. I saw a post on another thread - really summed it up for me.

stresshead99 Sun 02-Aug-15 15:38:52

Got you! Hello ladies. Well, despite my traumatic weeks and my letter from Concentrix saying closed with no changes I am still waiting to hear from HMRC! When I rang I was told it takes up to 8 weeks to get my renewal, why????? My son has been back in hospital so I haven't chased it up. But why 8 weeks? I am worried that Tuesday's payment may not go in because it's passed the renewal date. I initially renewed May 1st, before Concentrix but is that renewal still valid? HMRC sent me a text at the time saying 'Thank you for renewing blah blah'. What do you all think? How long has everyone else waited for their renewals? Morgan, how you doing? Fedup, you ok? Has anyone heard from Babyalan?

Morgan97 Sun 02-Aug-15 17:57:34

Hey stress how's you chick? I'm ok thank you. I think if you've had a txt from them then it should be fine but I'd ring just to put your mind at rest. How's your son doing now hope all is well.not heard from babyalan think I might send her a message n see how she's doing same with fedup. Admirals ok she's been a rock n still makes me smile. Awww lovely you're back in touch keep us posted on your situation x x x

12fedup12 Sun 02-Aug-15 18:58:18

Hi stress sorry to hear about your son, how is he doing now? How long ago was case closed now? Took about 2 weeks to get my new award after case closed. Do what morgan said and give hmrc a ring, will put your mind at ease xx

youbethemummylion Sun 02-Aug-15 19:07:16

Agh think I've messed up badly. Had my letter from Concentrix in April sent off all the documents they asked for had them returned mid June but between getting my letter and sending off the documents I received my renewal pack. I called concentrix because I was worried if I had made a mistake re childcare costs but signed the renewal to say last year's details were correct they could do me for fraud or something. The advisor said it was fine and to do the renewal as usual and send it in with my documents, but should I have sent my renewal direct to HMRC? I didn't realise they were not the same thing!

stresshead99 Sun 02-Aug-15 19:11:22

I got my no change/closed letter 3 weeks ago. I rang after 2 and the call handler was evasive, like, it can take up to 8 weeks to process. I'm half thinking of hanging on until Tuesday, if I get my weekly payment, I'll assume all is well. I may ring tomorrow after the post man has been. The concentrix letter doesn't tell you to do any thing. I wonder if everyone else just sits tight and waits to hear from HMRC. What's happened to the July 31st cut off? Does that just apply to claimants, not HMRC? My son is ok, I guess. I'm not sure he'll ever get better, hoping he will but it's looking like he'll have to have a stomach tap fitted for feeding. (He is currently fed through a tube in his nose.) He has complex needs. The summer holidays are stressful but at least I'm off work for a few weeks. He's really into art and museums so we're going to the Lowry later in the summer and the Imperial War Museum. He is a unique little boy. My 16 year old daughter said she'd rather pooh in her hands and clap then trail around museums with us! Fair enough, but she is not home alone! Little does she know I have her dad babysitting! Cancel the fb party kid, your mother is all over this! We're also doing a few days at Haven. What you guys got planned? I booked these trips before Concentrixgate and wish I hadn't but ho hum. Life goes on.

Morgan97 Sun 02-Aug-15 19:31:09

Youbetthemummylion, give hrmc a call tomorrow and explain what's happened then ring concentrix and tell the the same thing,I know it's a ball ache but if you ring at least you will know providing they answer.
Stress your son will love the Lowry bless his heart,had a giggle about your comments about your daughter you have to be several steps in front of them as my mum used to say. I think if you got your case closed letter then all should be ok,not sure about the July 31st cut off though sorry x x

Missyb36 Mon 03-Aug-15 12:59:12

How come they are evasive with some on the phone and others they deal with there and then doesn't seem fair leaving so many of us in limbo mine has been nearly 2 months now sick of waiting just want to know either way.

MissE84 Mon 03-Aug-15 12:59:35

Youbetthemummylion, it should be fine hun cause I did the same too. Concentrix can see it on the system that you have renewed with hmrc. A lot a people have renewed with hmrc.

Missyb36 Mon 03-Aug-15 15:34:30

Has anyone on here rang them today and got a answer back? MissE I hope u have a good holiday and not worry I know it's hard because when I went away in June it totally ruined it and I wish I wouldn't of let it sometimes no news is good news that's what I'm hoping anyway lol.

Morgan97 Mon 03-Aug-15 16:12:34

Missyb36 the reason why they are so evasive sometimes is because most of the haven't a clue what they're doing. As you can see this subject is now on part 7 which shows how long this has been going on. Maybe your best bet is to ask to speak to a manager or supervisor when you ring as they seem to know a bit more than anyone else there.

Missyb36 Mon 03-Aug-15 16:22:50

Hi morgan97 thanks I will do next time I ring they told me on Friday to back the end of this wk.

twinklefrog Mon 03-Aug-15 16:30:40

Just rang them again, on my second manager in three weeks, documents still not scanned on but no one seems concerned just keep saying that they're waiting on the scanning company to come back to them on where my documents are !
Only bonus is I didn't have to hold at all to get through to someone - it rang and someone answered straight away - no more terrible hold music !

MissE84 Mon 03-Aug-15 19:54:36

Am so scared that I won't get paid this week I don't know why. I renewed with hmrc and recieved my text. Hope concentrix can see it on the system. Maybe I should have sent my form to concentrix.

Morgan97 Mon 03-Aug-15 20:03:52

Hi missE84 if you renewed and got your text from them you should be ok concentrix are supposed to work for hrmc. Did you ring concentrix and ask them,if not give em a call tomorrow n put your mind at rest.
Missyb36 let us know the outcome good luck x

MissE84 Mon 03-Aug-15 20:14:24

Morgan97 exactly there's a lot here that have done their renewal with hmrc and concentrix have said it's fine we can see it on the stystem. I can get through to them Morgan, am just going to wait and see. Exactly they work for hmrc and share the same system.

Dollygem Mon 03-Aug-15 21:07:28

Sorry I've posted on part six but just found you all here. My case is now in for mandatory reconsideration and I'm currently £120 a week down so fed up of all this.

MissE84 Mon 03-Aug-15 21:08:11

Do any of you live in London feel free to PM we can meet up for a coffee smile

MissE84 Mon 03-Aug-15 21:09:04

dollygem, how come hun? Why so much? What's your check?

Catmto3 Mon 03-Aug-15 21:12:38

I saw on last post someone sent documents on 26th jJun and had a letter back already. My bits were scanned on the system last week, I'm so stressing as hubby has been signed off work and his boss has given him the boot. Do i call hmrc now about it or wait til it's sorted??

Morgan97 Mon 03-Aug-15 21:13:56

MissE84 I'm from London but live near manchester now,will be going to see my dad in October half term though which part of London do you live,dads near lewisham. Dolly what was your check for? Mine was another adult,they rejected my mandatory reconsideration n it's gone to appeal now but I made a new claim as they stopped my money completely and I got the new claim accepted,still waiting for the appeal decision tho.

efergie82 Mon 03-Aug-15 21:45:58

Hey ladies, thought so we dont all loose touch i would create this..... That way we can all stay in contact till next year when im sure it will all start again

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