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taxed on 84 pounds wages

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candlesandlight Thu 23-Jul-15 19:49:51

Any tax experts ? My student son worked 12 hours last week for an agency .he was paid 84 pounds,less 6 national insurance and 16 tax . This can't be right, can it ?

chocolateyy Thu 23-Jul-15 19:58:27

He is probably on BR tax code. Can you check his payslip?

If he is, when his correct tax code is updated, he will get it back.

Purpleball Thu 23-Jul-15 20:02:42

Did he hand in a P45? I'm guessing not. His employer should have made him sign a starter declaration. This used to be a P46.
If he's declared statement A or B, as in h has no other job then he should be on single person tax code 1060L so he has to earn over 10k before paying tax, this is pro rata per week to about £200.

candlesandlight Thu 23-Jul-15 20:43:28

Thank you both x

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