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Trying to build a better future for our little family

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JoJoMango Fri 17-Jul-15 14:58:24

Hi all, this is the 1st time I've ever asked a question on any type of forum and I would be so greatfull for any advice, as have been scouring the net and can't find any clear answers on this matter.

We are in need of earning a little extra money as I lost my job before returning from maternity leave.
We are hoping to build a log cabin in our garden and rent it out as a holiday let. We are not sure what type of permissions we may need if any and don't particually want to approach the council incase they deny us completely!

Has anyone got any experience in doing this type of thing?
Any advise would be fab.

Thanks JoJo

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 17-Jul-15 20:04:56

Hi there OP, and welcome to Mumsnet. We're going to move your thread over to our Money Matters topic where we think you'll get lots of useful responses.

Cabrinha Fri 17-Jul-15 22:56:05

My friends bought a house with a granny annexe, and because it had it's own plumbing (I think that was the trigger) it attracted council tax as a separate dwelling. Something to think about when you cost this up?

Epilepsyhelp Fri 17-Jul-15 23:00:48

Unless it was mobile that would need planning permission I think, as a log cabin you could try doing it without if it's still moveable. As for letting it out no idea re permissions but how would you advertise? I think the kind of sites you would advertise through might be able to tell you what you'd need?

specialsubject Sat 18-Jul-15 15:03:14

two mins on google with 'log cabin in garden' will give you lots of info. No reason not to approach the council, you need to find out what the local rules are. You can either do it or you can't.

sounds a good idea if you have enough space, suitable access, money to build it, fit it out to high standards, time to clean it to high standards at each changeover, suitable insurance etc etc etc.

Baytree Sun 26-Jul-15 13:46:34

Suggest you go on the forum "Laymyhat" They are a bunch of friendly holiday let owners who will be able to help

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