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Default on credit report from Orange

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SayraT Wed 15-Jul-15 22:20:55

Hoping that someone might be able to help me with this.

I will try and tell the short version of the story but if anything is unclear jsut ask.

I had a contract with Orange for which the minimum term ended in May 2014, I sent a letter to cancel my contract in June 2014, I gave 30 days notice (sent letter in May) as required and then made my final payment at the end of June (I didn't use phone after May). I then got a SIM only deal from Giffgaff and got a new number (I get a new number every time I change contract).

I heard nothing from Orange until October when they sent me a bill for an outstanding balance, I also received letters from debt collection agencies at the same time. The letters were sent to my parents address where I no longer lived, this meant I didn't get the letters immediately.

As soon as I received the letters I phoned Orange and spoke to a customer service advisor who said that they had not received my letter and so the contract had continued. He could see that the phone hadn't been used since May and said it was a mistake. He said that he would cancel the contract and I wouldn't owe any money. In November I received a letter from a different debt collection agency, I tried to contact them but was unsuccessful. Then in December (the 24th when I was home for Christmas) I received another outstanding bill from Orange, I phoned immediately and was told they could not help as the account had been passed to the debt collectors.

After this I spoke to the National Debt Helpline and following their advice I wrote a letter of complaint to Orange, in my letter I requested that they contacted the debt collectors to stop them trying to collected the money. I then received an email from the debt collectors saying that they were no longer pursuing the claim.

We are now in the process of buying our first home and I have discovered that Orange put a default on my credit file (all three credit reference agencies have it, I checked) for the unpaid bill. As I do not agree that I owe this money and I have made a complaint against Orange I do not think that this default should be on my file. Our mortgage advisor has told us that we will be declined if we make a mortgage application with this on my file sad we have found a house we want to buy and this default is preventing us from doing so.

I phoned Orange to ask about getting the default removed but the woman I spoke to on the phone could not help, she gave me an email address to contact to request the removal of the default but said they could take up to 7 working days to respond. I read on MSE that even if they agree to remove the default then it can take 28 days to show and my credit rating won't be improved immediately.

Sorry, that was supposed to be the short version!!

Anyway, my questions are:

1. Does anyone know of anything else I can do to get Orange to remove the default, I am not sure that they will just because I've asked.

2. If I go into the bank and explain things, and show them the paper trail of complaints etc, will they take this into consideration when looking at my credit report?

I have never ever missed a payment, gone into my overdraft or anything like that. We have decent salaries, no debts at all and few outgoings. We also have a good deposit (25%) and we are looking to borrow approx. £60k less than most lenders have said they would give us (in decision in principle agreements - without credit checks being carried out). Does anyone know if I explain this to the bank will it make a difference? I am hoping to go and see them tomorrow but can stop thinking about it hence asking here. I've also emailed CAB to see if I can go in a speak to someone, the one near me closes at 2pm so missed them today.

Thank you so much if you manage to read through this saga!!

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