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In need of advice for divorce and maintenance,

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Lousmith1990 Wed 15-Jul-15 16:39:36

Hello, I'm a bit new to this so please bear with me if I waffle on a bit lol. Me and my (hopefully soon to be ex) husband seperated nearly two years ago, he is engaged to the woman he was cheating on me with but he is refusing to divorce me, the house he lives in is in my name (the mortgage) and he doesn't pay me any maitenence, don't get me wrong he takes them out on his day and buys them things but that does not help me.

Basically my problem is I'm struggling financially and I'm desperate to divorce him, I'm happy and willing to do the "diy" divorce with no solicitor as I truly cannot afford it, I've even asked solicitors if there willing to wait for payment after divorce and I've sold the house but no luck.

So my question is how can I get help to fill my divorce papers in as I know they have to be done correctly with no errors also I've been told I can file a financial court order as I'm struggling going through child maitenence services as he not corresponding.

Thank you reading.

Looking forward to your advice.

Quasicrystals1456 Thu 16-Jul-15 21:05:31

Hi - I did a diy divorce, and it was fine. I filed on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. He didn't contest it. Obviously you could file for 2 years separation. I downloaded the forms from the Internet and sent them off with a cheque.

But... And this is a big but... We had no assets to divide. Nothing. Nada. I don't know how easy it is to diy when there's assets.

Can you repost this over in the divorce section. Someone will be much more up to date and knowledgable! Good luck.

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