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Concentrix and incorrect childcare payments

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nadiwombat1970 Tue 14-Jul-15 18:00:20

Hello there,
I am new to this but am losing sleep so need to share and get some advice.

I have rcvd a letter from Concentrix saying that they think my childcare claim is incorrect for the yr 14/15.

They are correct, I have claimed incorrectly for my eldest ds, this was not intentional. My eldest started secondary school in Sep 13 and as I didn't want him coming home to an empty house and spending 3hrs alone, I arranged for him to go straight to the after school club that he had been using in Primary School and my youngest was still attending. Fine, by April 14 I got him a key for the house. My brother came to live with me and my boys for a few months and this helped with the dilemma of him being home alone.
I did not inform HMRC of this change. I completed by renewal in Jun/Jul 14, by this time I was suffering with stress and signed off work and was applying for a new job. To be honest I just filled in the form and kept everything as is (2 childcare claims) I thought this was ok because the kids usually go to Summer Club in the holidays so I would be paying out for that.
They did not attend summer club Aug14 because I was so stressed out, my brother and mom stepped in to help me out and I had started my new job. In Sep 14 I started my eldest in a new out of school club (OFSTED) and he attended for 6mths the payments were basically the same as I had been claiming for previously. I meant to update HMRC but forgot.
I had lots of problems with my eldest at school both 1st and 2nd yr of secondary and to be honest tax credits were east of my worries and if I am honest money is tight.

So I was claiming for 2 children to attend after school club but only 1 child has attended that club. My eldest attended a club for 6mths during the claim year, but I did not tell HMRC of the change.

The first after school club are sorting out a statement for me, it's difficult though as they don't do direct debit and its all been cash payments, but she said she can provide me with it.
I paid for the other club via a direct debit so I think they should be able to provide me with a statement for the monies they rcvd.

I am really really annoyed with myself for letting this happen and not being on top of this. Its hard being a single mom with 2 x ds. You wanna run away sometimes!
I've allowed myself to get used to that money and really that's why I suppose I haven't kept up to date.

The renewal came through and I have completed it online and still not updated!! This is wilful neglect and I know I will have to suffer the consequenses there.

Not sure if anyone out there has any words of wisdom/advice/experience with being such a jerk?


Lancs1980 Wed 22-Jul-15 10:26:04

Hi. Don't worry your not alone at all.. I was claiming for an average of £82 per week (half term costs included in the normal standard weekly charge) In fact my child didn't attend the October half term and Xmas holiday so I received my letter from concentrix and filled it in. In the mean time I did my annual review with hmrc who have now told me I was over paid by £400 and and will be taking £21 off me per week. Concentrix have now closed my case and reduced my payments too as the letter I provided from my child care advised I pay £72 per week (£10 difference) only thing is when I have received my final decision it states Im paying £54 per week for child care!!! So now I'm trying to get it changed but concentrix hasn't closed my file so hmrc can't update my child care. I've been on hold to them for days now trying to sort it. Only problem being as from next week my payments will be £120 per week for the next 6 weeks. My entire claim doesn't even cover it... I'm at the end of my wits with it all. I can understand why people give up work!! It's ridiculous....

nadiwombat1970 Wed 22-Jul-15 23:52:08

Hi Lancs1980,

To be honest I am glad this has happened so that I can attempt to fix it and get my head out of the sand. It is a nightmare though, as you say over the 6wk holidays your costs soar and that's when it really hurts.

My mom has no sympathy as she often tells me, there was zero help in the 70s/80s when we were kids. And I do remember many of us kids in our area literally looked after each other in the holidays whilst our parents had to go off to work and there were no summer clubs or extra cash.

Still that doesn't help us does it!

I am dreading getting a hefty fine though sad(

Cleo29 Thu 23-Jul-15 18:12:53

This doesn't sound like negligence, this sounds like deliberate error/fraud. Maybe initially it was neglect but later you have said you knew and still made a false renewal. You will have to pay the money back but you could also face significant penalties.


Bubblesinthesummer Thu 23-Jul-15 18:18:51

The renewal came through and I have completed it online and still not updated!! This is wilful neglect and I know I will have to suffer the consequenses there

Why have you still not updated?

What may have started off as a genuine mistake is now not. I sympathise with your situation but you have continued to claim falsely

nadiwombat1970 Wed 29-Jul-15 10:54:22

Thankyou Cleo29 and Bubblesinthesummer for responding.

I hear you and yup I claimed incorrectly by £30 per wk. I will keep you updated. At the present moment I feel relieved to have just sent all the info to them. I am unsure how it will turn out. There are other people on various threads who have overclaimed by 10-60k I am praying they give me a chance.

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