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Confused about tax credits

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Em4891 Mon 13-Jul-15 06:16:15

We've only just been able to claim tax credits as we were earning too much for one child. And have just had my other lo on 5th of June making us entitled .I started my maternity leave on 10th of May 6 weeks at 90% then 33 weeks at smp so was wondering do I tell them now? I understand they go on your previous years annual household income which is what I gave when I initialling filled in the paperwork . but, I'm obviously on a lot less now being on maternity .
I'm sorry I can't make it clearer just so confused as don't want to leave it till renewal next year and we've lost out on what we're entitled to if I have done my figures wrong . hmm x

peasepuddinghot Mon 13-Jul-15 06:27:43

Ring up and give them an estimate of this year's household income. You'll get a new award that will take this year's reduced earning into account.

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