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Everythinghappensforareason1 Thu 09-Jul-15 13:59:38

My mum is attending g her first assessment after claiming ESA for a year.

Anybody tell me what we shold expect?

My mum has been receiving ESA for 1 year contribution based, then it stopped I questioned she has never had the opportunity to be put in a support group and then an assessment come through.

Any information from people who have attended these interviews I would be grateful


miamia15 Mon 27-Jul-15 00:38:28

The most important thing is that your mum needs to take someone with her to the assessment for support and also to take notes in case the outcome is not a positive one.
Have you got a copy of the descriptors for ESA Work Related Activity Group and Support Group? You should be able to find them online. It sounds like your mum has just received the assessment phase rate of contributory benefit or was she placed into the Work Related Activity Group previously?
Research the descriptiors and gather strong supporting medical evidence as it all helps. If the decision from the assessment negative then challenge it. So many of the decisions made are inaccurate.....local welfare rights or CAB can all offer advice.....I hope your mum is ok

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