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If the maintenance loan is now available for as much as £8k will this also affect those not on low incomes?

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NewsreaderChic Thu 09-Jul-15 13:46:59

I have three young teens who will overlap at University if they all go, the first one will be going either in 2017 or the following year. We are not on a low income but are having to seriously think about the financial implications of them all going as at the moment they'd only be eligible for £3700 maintenance loan. I have friends with dc's at Uni and their parents are having to top up in order for them to get by, I know the argument is that they should get a part time job to supplement their income, but I'm looking aty he worst case scenario.

I know there have been changes under this budget that affect those on low incomes and its been reported that the limit will rise to £8k, does anyone know if this will make any difference to the limit for the rest of us? I'm not so bothered about the dc's leaving with large loans because at least they'd get to go to Uni and not have to start paying back until they start earning. If we have to top up each child times three with a year when it'd be all three and two years where it'd be two of them it will seriously affect our decision to encourage them to go at all.

DayLillie Thu 09-Jul-15 13:55:05

If they can get a job, there is a lot to be said for taking a year out and working. Especially if it is the sort of job they can return to in the holidays (supermarket, kfc etc). Easier said than done in the current climate.

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