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How will housing benefit cuts to those under 21 affect those with older children who live at home?

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bedelia Wed 08-Jul-15 23:03:36

Does anyone know how the cuts to HB for 18-21 year olds who live at home with parents on low incomes will affect the household eligibility for HB? I'm wondering if this would mean that the household would have a reduced amount of HB (and need to make a greater contribution to rent) than they have until now, and can't find anywhere which explains it.

My eldest is 19, he's currently a dependent as he's at college but will be finishing his course in a few weeks. I'm a single parent, working but on a low income, and have two other dependent children. We receive HB and CTB.

DS has LDs. He had hoped to find a suitable apprenticeship/supported work placement, but due to some serious MH problems it doesn't seem as though this will be a seamless transition after college. We've been advised that he could apply for ESA (once he's no longer eligible for CTC/CB) or for JSA and will be seeking advice about this.

He WILL be seeking work in the future, just at the moment it is really not possible.

So I'm trying to prepare now, working out how to help support him financially until he's able to cope better, and wondering whether I'll need to plan for a greater contribution towards our rent...

Can anyone advise? TIA to anyone who can help.

smokyhands Thu 09-Jul-15 13:02:24

The newer HB cuts won't affect your DS as he won't be claiming HB in his own name, the HB would continue to be your own claim. Your DS wouldn't be able to make a HB claim in his own name while he is living with you.

There are non dependent deductions for HB which have been around for a while (so not just introduced in this budget). If he works you'd have about £14pw deducted from your HB. If he gets JSA then no deductions apply, and if he claims ESA then there are no deductions for the first 13 weeks (not sure what happens after that). There are non dep deductions for council tax support as well, but the rules and amounts depend on your individual council. In my council it's £3.30pw.

bedelia Thu 09-Jul-15 14:10:02

Thank you very much smokey, that was really helpful!

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