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CSA.....again!!! Please help

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Nurseyb26 Mon 06-Jul-15 20:55:28

hi smile

So I have two beautiful little girls and an x partner than ran off with my so called best friend
Before HER we had a good arrangement where he payed the joint morgage and that was his maintenance and it worked well. However just over a year ago I had a phone all to inform me the morgage had not been paid and he was refusing to pay it as we were in a row over contact and him not being consistent so I had to open a case with the csa.
All went swimmingly and I actually wrote a letter of gratification to the csa for all there help. However... Over this past year my relationship with my x had become very volatile, and aggressive. He has broken into the house and taken personal documents, not turned up for the children on time and become violent towards me in front of the children. I then stopped all access. In that past year however I did wrote a working agreement for contact with my solicitor and sent it to his, I had no reply. However he threatens to take me to court for access all the time.
Our annual review was due and we both received our estimated letters. His payments had jumped from £669 a month to £901 a month based on figures from the HMRC. Of course he hit the roof and has told told the csa he no longer earns that amount and they asked him to provide two months payslips to prove his earnings. Now his job is mostly abroad, he has a basic wage which is £21k but his overtime rate for working abroad brings his salary up to £68k. What he has done is out in two wage slips with no overtime on to show his on basic salary. The Csa then dropped his payments to £450 a month. I know this to not be true as he is still working away and therefore earning overtime.
I rang his company today and they confirmed he is still employed with them in so many words. He is stating he is now a subcontractor for them and is self employed. He found out I had contacted his employer and found him out and an argument formed over text messages. He told me that he is now the 'banker' and will decide what I get paid each month by deciding what to pay himself. He said next month he will decide to only pay himself minimum wage so that I only receive £80, he also added he wants to watch me crumble. He informed me he is going on three holidays this year with HER and her three children (which he has previously told me he is financially responsible for, how I do not know. They have a father who pays maintenance)
I have contacted the csa and informed them of my knowledge and the fact he has told me he is playing the system but they said they would not look at it until 2016 as he has provided his two payslips, they informed me that if he has lied he will have to pay back pay but could then say he doesn't earn that amount and provide two low wage payslips and the whole thing start again.

What can I do? Please help.....

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