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anyone know anythign about housing benefit as regards to offspring?

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NoahVale Sat 04-Jul-15 13:21:36

ds is 20 and not earning very much, left college at christmas and doesnt appear to know what to do with his life.
he earns roughly £100 per week.
Now we have had a letter from housing benefit. Tax credits and housing benefit class him as a non dependant but now they are asking about his pay.

Does this mean if he earned £30,000 per annum that would be taken into account for our housing benefit?? he doesn't but does it make a difference to them what he earns?

forewarned is forearmed and all that.

Athenaviolet Sat 04-Jul-15 13:27:03


There is a 'non dependent deduction' that will vary depending on his income.

Earning non dependent a are expected to contribute to rent payments.

You should have told them about this change of circumstance. You may have a significant overpayment! shock

You shouldn't still be getting tax credits for him so I'm confused why you mentioned that.

NoahVale Sat 04-Jul-15 13:30:40

I am not getting tax credits for him, on the forms he is listed as a non dependent.

NoahVale Sat 04-Jul-15 13:38:27

it is ok.
Turn to us has solved my problems.
we dont owe.

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