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War on the Poor!

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Dunroamin234 Wed 01-Jul-15 21:04:44

Not war on poverty any more.

That's the government's stance because the poor are the only ones they might be able to save a few quid on. Our 'great minds' elected by us, have no idea how to make the 'gravy train' run correctly again. This means passengers have to be discarded, that's you.

Government won't look at how much it cost to save a million pounds, even if it cost 4 million to save it.

They are only interested in crowing about how us lesser mortals are ruining the economy.

Firstly, we must get organised. Understand what's happening and why.

The Law is the best recourse so read and read instead of discussing about "How unfair it all is" with anybody who will listen. Get down to the Citizens Advice Bureau and ask them for help but don't rely on what the adviser tells you because they may not be interpreting what the information system says, correctly.

YOU, must understand it, YOU are capable, it's just a case of reading the stuff and making sense of it.

TIME, I hear you say? Well if you have children of 2 or 3 years of age, this is going to go on for 20 years. That's a substantial war! Against you, by a foe that has unlimited resources, especially if you won't educate yourself in the Rules of War. The LAW.

I worked for CAB years ago and saw many cases of unnecessary suffering caused by mis-applied rules and regulations. Good advisers are not easy to find so YOU must read and read. The books you need are for sale or join the local library and if they don't have them, ask them to get them in for you.

Understand the principles of decisions that are made by Law Courts, Tribunals etc and published for you to see.

In days long gone, women worked for 'pin money'. That bought or helped to buy the family a car, even a holiday.

A vast army of workers did cleaning jobs, bar work, book-keeping ( an excellent and simple thing for you to do a short course on or learn from the net)

Much of that low paid work was tax-free due to Mum having her tax allowance so no fiddle.

Time moved on and this 'pin money' work is now viewed as "Gainful employment", even meriting self-employment status.

Concentrix, they're on fishing expeditions frightening the guilty and innocent alike. They're going to find the some of the guilty and ensnare some of the innocent. Most, are innocent.

Many of the 'guilty' would be innocent with correct and honest representation.

There's more but are you ready for it or just hiding somewhere you're hoping not to be disturbed?

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