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Will advice - divisions

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Cheesychop Tue 30-Jun-15 19:31:56

Please can I have some people opinions on my situation.
I'll bullet point the situation.

I'm 32 married pregnant with first child

Brother is 20 years older than me married 2 grown up children.

We share the same mother, brother is from my mothers first marriage.

Mum died 5 years ago and dad has recently died.

Mum and dad used to always say the house was mine as they always knew that they wouldn't be around to see me have children etc ( they had me later in life) and wanted to make sure I was ok, they said over the years they gave my brother money for various things, wedding, houses, children etc so he had his share.

In dads will the house has been left to me

After mum died 5 years ago I cared for my dad, I did everything for him.
Brother lives 2 hours away so didn't have a great deal to do with him really

But I just feel bad that it's all been left to me. It's hard to say how much my brother has had as he bought his first house with their help over 30 years ago so it's hard to say by today's standards.

Dad told me he told my brother the plan last year but I'm not sure if he did.

Do I just not say anything? He'll probably ask how the house sale is going?

Give him something?

Any advice?

Gfplux Tue 30-Jun-15 21:49:08

Ask your brother "did Dad tell you that he was leaving the house to me" then shut up and listen to the reply.

Cheesychop Wed 01-Jul-15 06:59:05

It's ok if he says yes, but what if he says no we never had that conversation. Then what?

Gfplux Wed 01-Jul-15 10:36:23

You just apologise for your Fathers "mistake" as he told you he had had the conversation with your brother.
In addition he must have been aware that this had been the intention of both parents to leave you the house.

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