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AA Savings Internet Account

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Mitzimaybe Fri 26-Jun-15 16:30:27

I have a "rainy day fund" in an AA internet savings account. I don't check on it often because the interest is paid annually. They keep issuing new accounts and dropping the savings rates of the existing ones, which is really annoying, but I digress. Basically, once a year I check that the interest has been paid and switch the account to the latest one. Yesterday I tried to log in to do that, but it wouldn't let me and said I had to phone to get the account reactivated.

I phoned today. Allegedly they wrote to me last summer saying that my account had been "inactive for several years" - switching it every year to the latest issue does not qualify as activity, according to them. Because I didn't respond to their letter (which I never received) they have marked my account as dormant. Despite my having answered a whole slew of security questions on the phone, the man said he can't reactivate my account over the phone; instead I have to write to them and send proof of ID documents. All this for an internet-only account.

I am really hacked off by this. I tried to submit a complaint online but it says you have to phone. But when I phoned, he said I have to write. So I spent over 20 minutes on the phone to no avail.

Does anyone know how I can find the contact details - preferably email address - of someone high up in Lloyds Banking Group, to whom I can vent my frustration? And any advice?

An added complication is that I moved house recently, so sending proof of address is tricky; the new address doesn't match their records and the one on their records isn't where I now live. Post is being redirected but it's not 100% infallible.

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